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Top 7 Ways To Empower Your Employees, Staff, Or Team

By Maria Ginnetti

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Empowered employees can bring about amazing improvements in quality and productivity while simultaneously improving morale. When managers empower effectively, they never give up responsibility or authority completely. They merely share these two elements with subordinates. In fact, their own authority is often increased.

Here are seven ways you can empower your team, staff, or employee:

  1. Assign tasks that will allow your subordinates to grow and take on additional responsibilities. This will be motivational to them because it says to them that you feel they are valuable.

  2. Explain the reason for this task being given to them and let them know "what's in it for them."

  3. Always give very clear directions. Explain the overview of the project first and then give them the details.

  4. To assure that you and the employee are on the same wavelength, allow them to ask questions and have them repeat your instructions back to you. The best way of all is to do it with them, and then have them do part of the task while you observe to assure that they fully understand.

  5. Explain why a procedure is done a certain way. If they understand the reason, they can figure things out on their own much easier and not bother you all the time with questions.

  6. Demonstrate that you trust your people. Give them the amount of authority they need to complete the project without checking back with you on every detail. However, you should put controls in place so they know when they should check with you.

  7. Solicit suggestions from your employees as to better ways of completing the project. You might be surprised at some of the good ideas they come up with. Let them do it their way, if the result will be satisfactory.


    • Get the employee's input as to what is a realistic due date. Be specific as to when you decide it will be due. Don't say, "Get this done as soon as possible." If you need it by tomorrow afternoon, say so clearly.

    • Establish priorities for the work. Make certain that they know what needs to be done first and why.

    • Follow up but don't constantly look over their shoulder and be accessible when they need help.

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