Top 7 Ways To Design Your USP(Unique Selling Proposition)

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Your USP must be one sentence.

  2. Every person on your team needs to be able to articulate it easily.

  3. Your USP is either Pain or Pleasure oriented. Since most people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure, you might want to model your USP around the pain that your product or service removes.

  4. Make sure your marketing theme, campaigns, and business plans evolve around your USP. Did you ever see a business whose marketing pushes had nothing to do with their USP, and it made it look like that company had a values conflict?

  5. This one's from a mentor, Barney Zick, who gave me this formula for designing USP's:

    "Do you know how [state the pain or problem the prospect has]"
    "What I do is [state the solution your product/service solves]"

  6. Your USP should address a void in the marketplace, with a promise your firm can honestly fill.

  7. The true test of whether you've designed a good USP or not, is if sells for you in the marketplace. Does it define your edge and is or does the marketplace value it with their pocketbook?

    And don't sweat it if you don't have one yet, because there is always time. Most businesses are rudderless, shifting and moving to market momentum without a plan or defined niche.....BUT it doesn't have to be that way. Write down RIGHT now what makes your business unique, and get started.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: April 02, 1998