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Top 7 Ways To Deal With The Year 2000 Millennium "Bug"

By Maurice S. Clarke

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Most of the computers in the world are claimed to be incapable of dealing with the change over to a new millennium, check out these key points to ensure your business will cope.

  1. The time to think and act is now, every day you delay means more people will join you in a frantic rush for assistance, new equipment, fixes and test facilities - prices will rise, quality will drop and you stand a big chance of being "ripped off" in the rush.

  2. Get a simple software test program which will tell you quickly which PC's have a problem. Current figures suggest only 5% of PC's can cope with the date change over - taking it to be 1900, 1800 or whatever, anything but Year 2000.

  3. Do not buy any new or used PC unless you have a specific guarantee or warranty that the machine is Year 2000 "Compliant". Predictions are that 20% of machines being sold today are not Compliant. Lots of firms still have stockpiles of non-compliant motherboards they are anxious to dump on a gullible public.

  4. Check your software too, most people think it is just the PC that is the potential problem - MS-DOS and early Windows applications are the most suspect. Upgrade or replace - check with the software vendors, many are offering free fixes.

  5. Put the problem and a solution high on your agenda, dedicate a person to the task, a team if you are big enough. for many big firms starting now is already too late. The little guy is still leaving it until December 99. You cannot put off this gremlin's visit, or re-schedule it - ignore it at your peril.

  6. Be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to get the problem solved and out of the way - the problem need not be as big as hype is making it - unless you join everyone else and ignore it, then join the fight for a solution in a hectic, last minute rush.

  7. Encourage your friends to take some action - inc your customers and suppliers - we are all in this together - any one who suffers a problem on Jan 1 , 2000 can have a knock on effect to others they trade with - you may be OK, but are others you deal with?

Submitted by Maurice S. Clarke, web master and Partner with Cyber Solutions a UK based company specialising in downloadable test software and fixes for the Year 2000 problem.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Maurice_S._Clarke

Article Submitted On: July 29, 1998