Top 7 Ways To Choose The Best Virtual Assistant (The Human Kind) That Can Help Increase Your Success

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. A values match with your new VA (Virtual Assistant) is more important than a skills match, because the skills can be taught or learned, but values can not.

  2. Look for strong computer skills, and that the VA has a PC at home with Internet access. I always ask them if they have that PC, not because I want them to work from home, but because I know they will be much more productive and will have their eyes open to a wider universe of resources.

  3. Can this person fill in some of your short comings? Having a person identical as yourself is probably not the goal, as you should leverage their unique gifts to help you with where you are not perfect yet.

  4. How is their organizational skills and multi-tasking ability? This is critical for a VA to be successful.

  5. How is their flexibility? Will they do anything for you, including things such as helping you keep your personal life organized? Remember, that you are a well tuned machine, and that the more you can focus your time on your best skill or gift, and delegate all of the details of your life that chew up valuable time to your new VA, the more effective you will be.

  6. How committed are they to understanding your industry? Will they take a personal interest in mastering simple terminology and make it important enough in their life, to know the basics of your chosen industry, that they now work in with you?

  7. Positive attitude check. Are they bright and cheery? What was the last self-help book they read? You'd be surprised as to how many have not read one self help book. Failure to read usually indicates a failure to care about their own personal development, and will result in a less productive/effective VA relationship for you.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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