Top 7 Ways To Choose The Best VA (Virtual Assistant)

By Carolyn Sims Akens

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  1. A va must be willing to fit into the client's company and business culture.

  2. A va must be confident, proactive, focused and adapt to the client's needs to ensure client satisfaction.

  3. A va must invariably maintain trust and confidentiality.

  4. To create value for a client the va must truly enjoy helping and serving others and learn her client's style. The more learned about the client, the more value is created.

  5. A va should be extremely curious and listen to the unspoken word(s) and anticipate an action immediately.

  6. A va should be very intuitive and get to know her client(s) and be able to speak and write in the client(s) voice.

  7. A va should work with her client(s) as a partner and support them in achieving their professional and personal objectives.

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Article Submitted On: July 18, 1998