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Top 7 Ways To Bring Your Visitors Back To Your Web Site Screaming ENCORE!

By Julie Jordan Scott

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Wouldn't it be invigorating to have Web site visitors returning repeatedly to your Web site, time after time, creating a fantastic buzz about what you have created (and as an overflow, what you are marketing?)

  1. Because I use a program on my site that alerts me when people are visiting certain pages within my site, I will tell my friends, "Hey, there is a cocktail party happening on "Discovering.html." Watch out for the guy carrying the Martini's to your left! I can recognize some of my repeat (and repeat and repeat again) visitors. Remembering a Billy Joel concert. He did 5 encores. The audience screamed, stomped their feet, lit their lighters, just went wild until Billy came back 2, 3, 4 and then finally for the 5th encore. I would love to be able to hear my visitors screaming "More, Encore, Bravo!," but for now I rely on my eyes to see when they return again and again and again.

    Below are the Top 7 Ways I continue to bring my visitors back over and over and over and turn them into my own personalized marketing force to the world:

  2. High quality content that changes regularly. This is critical: if your site is nothing but a sales page, who wants to come back to read ad copy? If you have quality "goods" as well as your ad copy, you will have more opportunities for people to actually READ your copy.

  3. Serialize some of your content. While you are at it, make it "Web Only" content. Post a long article in several parts over a period of time on your site. Which is a perfect segue into:

  4. Create your own ezine and easy ways for people to subscribe. These days this seems like a no-brainer, yet people get stuck in thinking they don't have the content to support an ezine. Well, there are many resources available where you can "mine" for free content from authors who would LOVE to publish in your ezine in exchange for a resource box and a chance to attract YOUR subscribers to THEIR Web sites. Here are some of my favorite sources for listing my own articles as well as finding articles to use in my own ezine:

    Web sites:

    Email lists for Submitting/Receiving Content
    (Business Articles Only, please)

  5. Host a forum on your site where people can ask questions, ponder, share ideas and learn a TON of stuff from each other! People have to return to see responses PLUS they are very easy to get addicted to (speaking from experience). As the moderator, you can post your ezine here, make announcements about what is happening on your site as well as become even more of a "real person" which again attracts repeat visitors. Also, participating in other forums is a great way to bring people back to your site. People learn to both know your name as well as want to see what the excitement is about what you are creating on your site. Again, there are many free resources where setting up your forums is VERY easy! Here are two that I have both used as a Webmaster as well as a surfer:


  6. Monthly or weekly specials that can only be found on your site. You may offer a "Freebie of the month" or a "Discount of the month." The only limit is what you can create in your imagination.

  7. Invite live personal interaction with your visitors using "Humanclick". This is a program where people can chat with you live without any downloads to their computer. People can visit with you for a couple minutes and get to know you one-on-one. I find that I enjoy their visits as much (if not more) than they do. "Humanclick" is simple to install, and if you have any questions they naturally have live people on their site ready to help you.

    You can get "Humanclick" here: http://www.humanclick.com/

    An alternative that is not as interactive but allows visitors to hear your voice is PageTalk where you can record a message via telephone and visitors can visit your site to hear your musings. I have some people complain to me if I do not change mine daily! It works, but there is a nice page talk ad at the end. Besides that, it can be quite fun! Here is where to sign up for Pagetalk:

    Finally and most importantly, express yourself as your true self on your Web site. This is your corner of the Internet. Shine as you really are because by doing so you will naturally attract people who will want to do business with YOU. Not the you who you think you should portray yourself to be, but the YOU who you truly are. Experiment with your Web site, laugh at yourself, enjoy yourself. Webmastering has been one of the most creatively exciting adventures I have ever undertaken. Make your adventure one that invites people back to the party over and over and over!

Julie Jordan Scott is a Certified Life Purpose Coach who works with action oriented, creative people who are ready to live each moment with passion. Dare to Discover Your Passion, Decide to live YOUR Destiny by subscribing to Julie's daily ezine by sending an email now or visit her Web site at http://www.5passions.com

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Article Submitted On: September 01, 2000