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Top 7 Ways To Beautify Your Home With Decorative LED Lights

By Alan Cory

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Festivals form a vital part of the social life of Indians. The presence of eye caching lightings at home creates a perfect ambience for festivities and enables people to socialise with each other. It offers family members to spend their time in decorating their homes. However, the high-power costs incurred during Festival are often the major cause of concern among people. The exorbitant energy bills have forced many home owners to look for more energy efficient sources of lighting during the festive season. The use of decorative lights for home can help you in saving a substantial amount of money. Here are some tips using which you can select pleasant decorative lighting items for Home:

  1. Brighten up the mood with flower lights

    Flower shaped lights are best suited for use during festive occasions. You can consider using discarded egg cartons in order to create colorful, shiny light strings for usage within the interiors of you home. Floating diyas which have a floral design with stylish Kundan work have 5 different colours with a diya at the center. It will thus add a touch of sophistication to your Festival décor and create an inviting ambiance within the room.

  2. Lighten up your bedrooms with diyas

    Dressers form a part and parcel of every bedroom. You can give a romantic touch to your bedroom with diyas of different sizes. Then arrange them in order. One smart way of decoration is to place the larger diyas on the top of the dresser and the smaller ones close to the dresser or on its lower level.

  3. Floor Lamps

    The new range of floor lamp that is available in the market has a centralized pole which has a firm grip on the light fixture. The tripod floor lamps go well with furniture and therefore are ideal for interior decoration. They are best suited for usage within living rooms. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, these lamps are made from high-quality fabric or metal. They will add more life to your home and create a great impression.

  4. Table Lamps

    Table lamps are ideal for usage in the living room of homes. The table lamps that have been launched in the market are ideal for use in areas which have a limited space. Tucasa table lamps which have been recently launched in the market like red & square, poly silk, marble/glass and pleated. You can also consider using Phillips lamps which have high impact resistance and dimensionally stable suits. They are best suited for usage in decorating impact.

  5. LED string lights

    LED string lights are highly suitable for usage in decorating patios and gardens. These lights are suitable for use in accent lighting and are widely used in high brightness task lighting. While shopping decorative lights for Festival lights online you need to focus on adhesives, colour and water resistance. The water resistance feature of LED string lights makes them suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors.

  6. Lighting arrangements at the hallway

    Normally people tend to overlook the hallway while lighting their homes during Festival. You can make install hanging pedestals along the hall at a substantial height.

  7. LED candles

    LED candles are also a suitable option for decoration and ca be easily arranged since they require less space as compared to normal candles. All that you will need to do is to surround the LEDs with a row of the bamboo candle.

The author is a blogger who writes on a wide range of topics related to lifestyle. He has reviewed too many decorative lights for home in the past. Check out his 7 Mind-Blowing Lighting Ideas for Home Decor published in past.

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Article Submitted On: April 22, 2017