Top 7 Ways To Be Selfish, and Win At The Game Of Business

By Christopher M. Knight

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  1. Be selfish, in that you want so much for yourself, that in order to get all that you want, you have to give to others first.

  2. Be blunt with your clients when you are courting them, with the blatant honest truth, that the reason why you want to give them more than they pay for, is because you know selfishly, that they will reward you with the names of their friends & associates, if they always get more than they asked for from you.

  3. Take care of yourself, FIRST, before anyone else. If you are sick, lonely, hurt, in any kind of non-physical pain, dirty, or any non- "well" type of state, its hard to help others. By selfishly taking care of yourself first, you have your needs met, which makes it a lot easier to help others WITHOUT worrying about getting in return.

  4. Its always fun to tell your clients your selfish motives upfront, which will often lower their guard, and make a sales much easier. REMEMBER to talk in terms of benefits they will receive, after you mention the real reasons why you are working so hard for them.

  5. Realize that being selfish IS NECESSARY to deliver great service.

  6. As long as the hand that gives, gathers, and that the law of reprocity still holds true, then if you are TRULY and REALLY selfish, then you can't help but to want to give more to your clients, employees, owners, and vendors, because you will ALWAYS get what you want if you give it first.

  7. Selfishness, when viewed as a reason to give to others first, so that your every desire is met, does NOT have to be viewed as Evil. Most folks consider selfish people as bad. Let them think that, but you know better, and use that knowledge to help others, anyway.

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: February 22, 1998