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Top 7 Ways To Attract Clients And Keep Them

By Reiner & Elisabeth Schuhle

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Respect, Compassion and Patience

  1. Provide personalised service; know your clients: birthdays, some events in their life, family members, remember last personal topics raised, concerns and problems conquered.In other words, be FOCUSED!

  2. Take time to listen to your client; listen carefully - do not let your mind wander during the listening process. Take time to find out the real motives and emotions, perceived and real problems.

  3. Provide advice as a professional to a professional even if the person opposite you does not appear to be a professional at all. Any such advice will be taken more to heart this way and will sow the seeds for business success.Therefore, be UNIQUE!

  4. Follow up, follow up, follow up. The secret of keeping clients is to show interest, show that you care, that you have their business at heart, that their success is your success.

  5. Always establish and keep deadlines; and if they cannot be kept, ring up, explain how and why circumstances have changed, advise on your new approach and re-establish the new deadlines necessary. Do not promise what you cannot keep - ever.

  6. Provide progress reports, communicate, write, telephone, talk. Do not keep your clients in the dark. Let them partake in the progress of their business from your own angle. Be an integral part of their business life.

  7. Don’t argue, but persuade by showing examples of successful approaches to obstacles. Don’t preach, but explain why you advise to go about their affairs in a particular way. Tell your clients front up that you are not interested in ulterior motives, ‘political’ games and ‘funny’ business, be it legally, financially or any other way; tell them that you may come across from time to time in a very blunt way, but that this originates in you caring for their ultimate success.

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Article Submitted On: March 05, 1999