Top 7 Ways To Advertise Without A Web Site

By Angie Boldwyn

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  1. Ads in newsletters online and offline. Many want to advertise strictly online, but the print media is still very valuable. Here's a great free ezine directory. http://www.netmastersolutions.com/

  2. A signature ad attached to all of your email correspondence.

  3. Write articles, participate in forums and discussion lists. You'll learn and help others while exposing your product or service.

  4. Free and fee classifieds. I place at least 10 per day. Try to find a directory with thousands of places to place your ads. Here's the grandfather of all links and a free advertising directory. http://www.ecki.com/links

  5. Good ad copy is a must so test your ads in a small market first. Here's an e-book that helps you write outstanding ad copy. Classified Magic - How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off Big [http://www.thewarriorgroup.com/cgi-bin/a.pl?warriors&3105]

  6. Give away free reports, e-books, etc. Utilize autoresponders to do this. E-Book Software & Reports are available here. [http://www.thewarriorgroup.com/cgi-bin/a.pl?warriors&3105]

  7. Think outside of the box and you can come up with new ways to advertise and expose your business. Who says you have to do it just like everyone else? * Just remember your netiquette and no spamming. * Integrity and honesty are the most important assets you have.

Today's Top7Business article was submitted by Angie Boldwyn, a former Webmaster who, after a heart attack, had to lighten her load. She uses offline tabloids, online ezines, and many other sources to expose her business of choice. She still feels that a professionally-designed Web site is definitely advantageous, but just not an option for some for many reasons.

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Article Submitted On: March 08, 2000