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Top 7 Ways That Publishing Opens Many Doors

By Angie Boldwyn

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There are thousands of ezines and newsletters, so why should you publish one?

While competition is fierce, it is still well worth your while.

Here are the benefits of publishing an ezine or newsletter:

  1. You steadily build an opt-in list to stay in repeat contact with, which is a must in Internet marketing.

  2. You build relationships with fellow publishers, which will increase the chances of having your articles and feedback comments published.

  3. Free advertising in sponsor positions are made available by swapping ads with fellow publishers.

  4. You will be offered free memberships, e-books and more in exchange for free publicity, oftentimes getting a share of the profits.

  5. Once you have built up your subscriber numbers, you can charge to advertise in your ezine or use your advertising space to barter with.

  6. Your ezine will help keep you focused on your goals. Just putting it together allows you to learn and grow along with your subscribers.

  7. Lucky 7! You build long-lasting friendships that you might miss out on otherwise.

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Angie Boldwyn
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Article Submitted On: January 30, 2001