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Top 7 Ways That Energy Spirituality Can Help You Succeed

By Rose Rosetree

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ENERGY SPIRITUALITY explores the human energy field, or aura, as a point of entry for spiritual growth. It is a way to go beyond belief in order to perceive, heal and transform the body-mind-spirit-system. No matter what business you're in, whether you're in organized religion or "disorganized religion," Energy Spirituality can help you to become more successful.

    In London subways, announcements constantly warn passengers "Mind the gap." They're talking about stumbling blocks between the train and the platform. Spiritually, most of us fall into a different sort of gap. Unpredictable chasms arise between how we feel when doing things that are officially "spiritual," like prayer and meditation, versus everyday experience. Sometimes we may feel so exalted, serene and wise. Yet driving on highways, or doing our best to survive in the workplace, we still get clobbered by problems, conflicts, worries, injustices. You can use techniques of Energy Spirituality to avoid that gap.

    How delightful it can be to look in the mirror! Energy Spirituality isn't about viewing yourself in the manner of a cosmetics commercial or perfume ad, where you might become more apt to criticize than admire. Nor does Energy Spirituality stop with profound, but sometimes limiting, platitudes like "I behold the God in you." Face reading, or physiognomy, has been done for 5,000 years. I based my version, Face Reading Secrets (R) on the premise that "God doesn't make junk," and it's a way to go into detail about the character meaning of every part of your face. Find or invent a system of face reading that speaks to you and you will change forever how you see people.

    Success principles will succeed to the degree that your aura is clear. Energy Spirituality invites you to wake up your inner gifts for reading auras so this deeper level of life can be present to you whenever you wish. If you've heard that auras are colors that talented people see, know that this is a kindergarten understanding. It excludes most people. The truth is that every person has been hardwired with a complete gift set for reading auras. I can teach you my method of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses™. Other teachers can help you, too. What matters is that you find your way in to reading auras. Otherwise, it's like living without sex or reading or tasting your food—aura reading is a quintessential human ability. In the world of business, aura reading will give you a competitive advantage.

    Just as mathematics is the language of science, aura reading is the language of Energy Spirituality. Don't just vaguely feel energy. Educate yourself to make the knowledge connection strong. Reading the aura of God could be a far stretch. Not so for the task of reading your own, in depth and detail. In business, you'll want to read employees, new hires, and business associates. Learn about strengths and challenges. This is the information that won't find its way onto resumes or annual reports, yet it matters more than any other set of data you can obtain. And, once you find your way in to aura reading, that knowledge is yours for the asking.

    Everyone needs heroes. Who are yours? Are they business leaders, religious figures, political activists, family members or TV celebrities? Energy Spirituality gives you tools to probe deeper into their very best qualities. What we admire, we can become. So why admire at the surface level of life when you can go deeper?

    Sometimes, alas, a hero's surface shine will be strongly contradicted by what you find with deeper perception. Do you dare to look closely at people who loudly proclaim their religious identities? Candidates for Election 2008 are talking about faith as never before. Maybe you're encountering this in the workplace, too. How can you tell the difference between spin and sincere expression? Aura reading gives you nuances you might not have known to exist, but they do. One of the techniques I often use is a three-part lie detector test. Once you read auras, you can learn if people routinely tell the truth or, if not, what kind of distortions take place. Does someone talk one way and act another? How about a hidden spiritual agenda or outright hypocrisy? Energy Spirituality helps you to question reality and find answers that make a difference for business success.

    Many of the world's most dedicated spiritual volunteers have no clue what they're doing. They're empaths, the 1 in 20 people born with at least one gift for directly experiencing what goes on with other people. When talented, but unskilled, empaths constantly pick up pain belonging to others. When skilled, empaths serve humanity with great wisdom and clarity. By reading your own aura, you can find out if you have an intellectual, physical, emotional, or spiritual gift as an empath. Some of the biggest spiritual seekers are empaths. Energy Spirituality turns empathic gifts into powerful tools for service, rather than ways to be hurt. So, if you were born as an empath, make it your business to become skilled. It could be the smartest business decision you ever make.

Rose Rosetree is America's leading expert at Energy Spirituality, with how-to books about Aura Reading, Face Reading, and Skills for Empaths. She offers phone consultations for healing auras, including 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment". Sign up at her website for a free monthly zine. Preview her books or order at http://www.rose-rosetree.com or call toll-free 800-345-6665.

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Article Submitted On: June 06, 2007