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Top 7 Ways How To Have A Higher Conversion Rate

By nPresence

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Identifying your siteís conversion rate is vital to determine whether your site is surviving the internet business or not! Conversion rate refers to the number of site visitors that are converted into customers. The higher your siteís conversion rate is, the higher is its sales and return on investment. Sales and ROI are directly proportional with the conversion rate. Along with your efforts of improving your website, you should also consider improving your siteís conversion rate. Here are some of the effective strategies you can use in ensuring that your site gets the best conversion rate it could possibly have.

  1. Maintain honesty in dealing with your customers.

    More often than not, online customers appreciate honesty. If you are running out of a particular product, tell your customers right away so they wonít expect for it. Just imagine what your customers will feel if they go on the usual procedure of adding the product to their online cart only to find out that the product is out of stock? This could be a reason enough for your customers to be annoyed and purchase from your competitor instead.

    Even when it comes to pricing, be very honest with your customers. Avoid the idea of hiding additional charges Ė like shipment charges. Tell your visitors right away if the price is inclusive or not of shipment charge and other additional costs. It can be frustrating enough to have budget your money then later on find out you still need to pay for additional costs, right?

  2. Donít waste your visitorsí time.

    Online shoppers and users are usually the busy ones. Donít waste their time by letting them fill up too many boxes just to be able to purchase your product or service. To ensure they will purchase from your site, ask only for the most relevant information. If they see that they need to fill up pages of forms, they might just leave your site and transfer to other sites where less information is required.

  3. Offer a reasonable return policy.

    Admit or not, there will be an instance wherein the customers are not fully satisfied with your products Ė for instance a dress doesnít fit. When instances like this happen, what guarantee can you give to your customers that they wonít end up being the loser in the transaction? In these cases, the return policy becomes beneficial. It makes your customers more at ease in pursuing the purchase.

  4. Provide your customers various payment alternatives.

    It will be a whole lot easier and comfortable for your customers if they will be given various alternatives when it comes to payment. There may be customers who donít have a credit card so provide them with a different alternative. This will increase the number of your siteís customers; thus, increasing your siteís conversion rate, as well.

  5. Identify your Unique Selling Point.

    From the name itself, USP or Unique Selling Point is your businessí unique edge over your competitors. It is the factor that lets your customers decide to purchase from your site instead from your competitorsí.

  6. Make you customers feel important.

    It is important that your visitors know you value them. This will give them a sense of appreciation. This is a good start for them to trust you and your products and services.

  7. Make you customers trust you!

    This can be done by providing them with credible promises that do not sound too good to be true. Keep your selling propositions on a level that is worth believing!

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Article Submitted On: July 31, 2006