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Top 7 Ways Being A Parent Is Like Being A Manager

By Eric Marshall

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  1. It is often said that being a manager and a parent are the same, in as much as you are expected to be born with the ability to do both jobs.

  2. Children learn much quicker to do for themselves the less mum and dad intervene.

  3. While allowing children space to become independent, it is just as important to be there if help and advice is required.

  4. As children get older they will develop their own views and opinions. These should be respected as they are individuals in their own right. You never know you may even learn something as there is nothing like a child's perspective to get an honest point of view!

  5. The more a child is encouraged to form their own views and that these are welcomed and valued, the more confident they will become.

  6. Recognition of a child's achievements will give them the confidence to strive for bigger and better things.

  7. Letting children know that mistakes are not a problem as long as they learn from them will hopefully encourage him or her to try new things and explore their world.

    The significance of these points is that there are opportunities to learn in everything that we do. We need to understand that all learning can be used in many aspects of our life and not just those areas that they immediately relate to.

Submitted by Eric Marshall who is an accountant, a manager and a very proud father. To thank Eric for his submission: .

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Article Submitted On: November 09, 1998