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Top 7 Warning Signs That a Job Could be Wasting Your Profits

By Kate Marsden

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Are you sure you know what all the jobs are actually doing – and that they actually build your profits? You may find some hidden roles in your business that surprise you. In every business there are normally a few jobs around that are made up to catch all the other bits that no one else is doing, or worse still to check other people’s work and control errors. They just do "stuff". Even small businesses have people who tend to do all the stuff the owner doesn’t want to do – but maybe you don’t quite know what that is anymore. Be very careful of these jobs - they drain profit and you will always find it hard to quantify what you get from them. Here are some warning signs to watch out for:

  1. No Objectives - There are no specific objectives, measures or targets for the role. How do you actually know what it is delivering for the business if the job is not actually accountable for anything?

  2. No one can explain what the job does - No one but the job holder can actually articulate what they do – including their manager, or what they actually do has changed significantly from what they were originally taken on to do.

  3. The job is a “checker” - A large part of the role is checking work or resolving problems that have arisen (always sort these out at the root cause of the problem rather than building roles to treat the symptoms of the problem).

  4. There is no job description - There is no fixed job description – they just do things that are delegated down to them. This is fine if the work is, for example, a specific short term project with clear objectives – but not if it’s just picking up bits and pieces.

  5. You dread them being away - You dread them being on holiday or off sick not because you know what will suffer – but because you do not know what will happen. Who will do all the “stuff” they do? And yet somehow when they are off everything seems to be fine

  6. It was a temporary solution - Remember that conversation a year ago where you put a role in place to solve a short term need or issue? Is that role still there? Are you sure you are solving the root issues rather than constantly putting a sticking plaster in place?

  7. There are no documented processes - Whatever is done in the job is a mystery – and there is certainly no process in place to show what they do.

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Article Submitted On: March 27, 2012