Top 7 Uses for your New Digital Camera

By Kristin Martori

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HP digital photography offers new tips on how to turn your digital photos into works of art

  1. Create a professional-looking photo book documenting life’s most memorable experiences. Or create a special personalized fairy tale photo book for your little one.

  2. Plan your wedding with the help of your digital camera. This can mean scouting locations by capturing them in photographs as well as capturing images of the themes and floral arrangements you would like to have on your special day

  3. Personalize your invitations for any special event. And you can create corresponding Thank You cards as well!

  4. Use your favorite family photos to create personalized playing cards using HP’s King of Cool photo playing card kit

  5. Create a calendar of the year to come with pictures of last year’s best moments

  6. Make a poster of all your friends in silly poses and hang it in your locker or dorm room to boost your mood when school gives you the blues.

  7. HP’s Retail Photo Service allows you to turn your digital photos into votive candle covers and lampshades. This is perfect for a graduation or big birthday celebration.

HP Digital Photography Retail Photo Services

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Article Submitted On: October 30, 2007