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Top 7 Unreasonable Business Standards You Can Hold For Yourself

By Dan Knapp

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Reasonable changes tend not to inspire us to greatness. They are so simple that we don't get around to starting them. Below are seven unreasonable standards you may forgive yourself for violating, yet at the same time you know deep down you can do better.

  1. Concentrate fully on the person in front of you. This may be a person physically in front of you or with you on the phone. Home or at work.

  2. Listen to the other person's whole story before responding.

  3. Set and maintain core hours for work and play. Do not let either interfere with the other.

  4. Have a 90-day self-development project. Put yourself into that project for the 90 days and you will accomplish four major self-improvement tasks a year.

  5. Disassociate yourself from people and issues that waste your time.

  6. Associate yourself with people whose lives express the values you want your life to express.

  7. Invest 30 minutes a day in planning time; no matter what!

Today's Top7Business was submitted by Dan Knapp, Business and Personal Coach. Visit Dan's Web page at www.danknapp.com for articles and mini-courses.

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Article Submitted On: August 15, 2000