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Top 7 Undeniable Reasons That You Should Be Advertising In Ezines

By Dean Garrison

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The day of huge circulation print magazines is starting to decline. Within the next several years you will see more and more print magazines go by the way side and more and more ezines spring up. Why? Ezines are usually free to readers (unlike their printed counterparts) and usually much more cost effective for advertisers...which is the focus of this month's "INTERNET SMARTS" column. Here are seven undeniable reasons that you should focus more of your ad budget toward ezines:

  1. Ezines Provide a Much More Cost Effective Alternative To Traditional Advertising. When buying advertising space in magazines, tabloids or newspapers, your cost will almost always be higher than the cost of advertising in an ezine. Why? It all boils down to production costs. Let's just take a traditional magazine as an example. They must pay for mailing costs, printing costs, design, payroll and various other expenditures. Most ezines are able to deliver their messages to you at low cost with very few major expenses. This means a much lower cost to the advertiser. In contrast to a print magazine, you will normally find you can reach just as many people with your advertisement for about 1/10th the cost. Advantage: Ezines!

  2. There is much less lead time. When you place an ad with your favorite ezine, you can expect to see it in circulation within a couple of weeks, sometimes even faster than that. With traditional forms of print advertising you will normally have to wait up to 90 or even 120 days to see your advertising in print. Advantage: Ezines!

  3. Ezines Are More Targeted Because They Can Afford To Be. The average ezine is much more targeted than a traditional magazine. Why? Because they can afford to be. Ezines can survive in niche markets where traditional magazines cannot. A national magazine can not make enough to cover overhead unless their circulation is huge. For this reason they must keep topics more general in nature. A print magazine may focus on "small business" while an ezine can effectively survive catering to a smaller niche within that segment. For instance, an ezine might just concentrate on "ways to promote your small business on the Internet." By concentrating on smaller niches, the ezine is giving its advertisers a tremendous opportunity to target its message to people who want to receive it. Advantage: Ezines!

  4. Ezines Will Provide You With a Worldwide Forum For Your Products And Services. In this global economy ezines are one of the very few ways to truly reach people all over the world. I live in the USA. I actually publish my own print magazine "Revolution" so I can tell you without a doubt that my hands are tied as a print publisher trying to reach the masses worldwide, there is just no way for me to do it and remain cost effective. I must mail all of my issues by bulk mail (USA Only). But, on the other hand, my ezine reaches all over the world because it doesn't cost me anything more to do that! So, if your products or services are available globally, you really need to be advertising in ezines. Even in my own USA-based ezine, 30 percent of my subscribers are from outside the USA. This gives you a true international reach without huge costs. Advantage: Ezines!

  5. You Will Get Results With Ezines Because The Average Person Wants The Information Now!!! In the age of instant gratification your prospect wants his/her information right now. With traditional marketing they would call a voice mail number or mail a coupon and wait days or weeks for their information. With a good ezine advertisement that information is just a click away. They can click on your URL, email address or autoresponder and get their information within moments. (Note: Even if you include your Internet info in a print ad you will lose effectiveness. Why? Because people can't click on your magazine ad--right now!) That's what people want. They want it now! Advantage: Ezines!

  6. There Is Almost Always Less Competition Which Leads To More Results. I recently did an informal comparison between two good publications. The first was a print magazine going to 25,000 people. The second was an ezine going to 25,000 people. The print magazine had 212 ads and the ezine had 12. Where would you rather advertise? The print magazine has to get 17 times as many overall responses for their advertisers just to keep them happy. Would you rather compete with 211 other advertisers or 11 other advertisers? And, again, let's not forget that the ezine ad cost was about 1/10th the cost of the ads in the print magazine. Advantage: Ezines!

  7. It Is Easier For Small Companies To Compete In The Ezines. Ezines offer a "level playing field" for advertisers. In a print magazine you will see full color glossy ads that were produced for tens of thousands of dollars, and your little 20-word classified ad cannot compete with that! But, in the ezines, every advertiser works within the same set of rules, so the odds of your success are much greater. The best ad writers make the most money in the ezines, regardless of ad production costs. Advantage: Ezines!

    The seven things I have talked about today give you undeniable proof that ezine advertising is worth pursuing. In all fairness I should mention that print magazines definitely have their place too, but that is a topic for another column. If you are looking for a cheap, cost effective alternative to print advertising...what are you waiting for? Advertise in your favorite ezine today. Your results might very well surprise you.

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Article Submitted On: August 01, 2000