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Top 7 Ultimate Features of Yahoo Mail

By Tracey Wood

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Yahoo is one of the best mail service platforms. It has always managed to be one of the favorite & widely used mailing services. This is because of the fact that Yahoo is the oldest mailing platform. When internet world was not even aware about the mail services at that time Yahoo has managed to capture huge market with the users using its mail services. Yahoo is one of the oldest networks in providing telecommunications and marketing services. With a huge customer base of millions of users worldwide Yahoo has been providing its mail services for communication and other purposes. Indeed Yahoo is helpful and user friendly platform still in case of problem Yahoo also provides easy help through Yahoo support number.

Yahoo has been famous because of its interesting and advance features that it provides with it mail platform. Some of the interesting service of Yahoo is:

  1. Other than Yahoo mail services Yahoo provides set of services with the Yahoo mail itself. The Yahoo mail includes services like Yahoo answers, Yahoo groups, Yahoo search engine, Yahoo messenger etc.

  2. Yahoo takes care that its users remain updated and so as to keep them updated Yahoo news feature of the Yahoo provides all the recent notification of the happenings of the world as soon a user is on the Yahoo page.

  3. Yahoo mail is an extra friendly and easy to use application of Yahoo. It provides clear difference between inbox, sent, spam etc so that it can be easily managed. So as to preserve memory online it only saves unwanted mails for 90 days after this it automatically deletes it.

  4. Yahoo provides storage capacity of 25 GB such that all the data stored online on Yahoo can be used anywhere online. So as to send images, documents etc within the mail Yahoo users get space of 25 MB.

  5. Yahoo takes care of the privacy of its users and so as to provide secured platform it takes all the privacy constraints. All the data in Yahoo are preserved.

  6. With Yahoo mail itself you can save all your contact online with Yahoo contact feature and can also set notifications for important dates and event with the help of Yahoo calendar feature.

  7. Even though Yahoo is easy to use still in cases when Yahoo user is in any problem he can obtain easy Yahoo help by calling Yahoo customer service number any time.

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Article Submitted On: October 05, 2016