Top 7 Truths About Online Video Marketing

By Ed Madison

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Trade publications and the mainstream media are all reporting on the emergence of online video as a highly effective marketing tool. And yet, many businesses and their marketing teams are at a loss as to how to best implement effective strategies that will translate into profitable results.

EVERY entrepreneur out there who wants to maximize their internet marketing effectiveness needs to know the main elements of video. Dynamic moguls are using video as a sales tool on their sites and are not deterred by any false notions.

  1. Know where to look.

    Web savvy entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this exciting Internet video revolution. You can acquire affordable, custom created video for marketing if you do a simple search around the web using specific key words. I had luck using: internet marketing, internet production companies, video marketing, streaming video, internet, get video, and local video production. Many of the production companies you find will work with businesses of every size and from every category.

  2. Video is NOT too expensive.

    Video can be expensive — but it can also be highly affordable, if you choose the right company. The more elaborate your concept the more it may cost to execute. However, a good company will provide you with affordable options, flexible terms and trackable results.

    The real question is whether your business can afford not to invest in video as soon as possible. The evidence is clear; video makes you stand out from your competitors like no brochure or other text-oriented marketing piece can. Research on message retention shows that people retain 10% of what they read, 26% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50% of what they see and hear. Clearly, having an effective video message gives you an edge. It empowers your sales force — and can even reduce the number of salespeople you need to effectively grow your business.

    Work with a video company that provides you with a mechanism to measure the effectiveness of your investment. A quality company gives its clients access to precise real-time tracking of their online video marketing campaigns.

  3. Don't try to produce your own videos in-house to save money.

    You can try, but you may regret the results. You may have a relative or a sharp intern with a camcorder but do you really want to entrust an amateur to best position your business? The popularity of user-generated video is often misinterpreted, in terms of how it is best used effectively in marketing. For all the hundreds of thousands of videos posted on Youtube.com the most watched are the top twenty – and none of them are marketing messages. They are all “human oddities” that capture the public’s interest for a day or two, only to be replaced by a newer one. You’re in business. More importantly, you’re in the business of creating lasting impressions and relationships that result in revenue.

    Professionally produced video doesn’t have to look slick. A clever, creative production team will be effective at bridging the gap for those clients that prefer an “edgier” or more youthful approach that may better speak to their market.

  4. You don't have to be naturally charismatic or photogenic to host the video.

    Above all, your clients, customers and prospects want authenticity. You don’t have to be perfect to be effective with video. People want to connect with real people. Hire a company who has experience and expertise in bringing out the best in business owners, executives or their chosen representatives. Customers need to not only like the personality and trust the message, but enjoy the message.

  5. Creating a video is not time consuming or require several months to execute.

    It is time consuming if you’re working with the wrong company. Professional media production companies have perfected processes that will provide you with a highly effective online video marketing campaign in, sometimes, three weeks or less – from start to finish. Many such companies’ clients’ projects are taped in a half-day and much of the planning is handled by phone. This should in no way compromise the quality of the end result. Just like you, the eager business proprietor, they should be intent on providing you with exceptional quality in a timely manner, so that you can begin to see benefits right away.

  6. Don't let the thought of video be overwhelming. Here's how to use it and where to start.

    There are more than seven ways you can immediately begin benefiting from video:

    1. implement a video email campaign
    2. post the video on your website
    3. hand out business card-sized video discs
    4. play your video in your booth at trade shows
    5. have your sales team present it on their laptops
    6. e-mail the file or snail mail a DVD to prospects
    7. create a stand alone kiosk

  7. There are factors to consider when choosing a company and conceptualizing.

    It’s your company and if you’re are eager to see it grow, internet video WILL help do so.
    Ask questions, make sure they can not just create a video, but create a great video. Some companies may also offer additional marketing and multimedia services or packages, which can be a very. It is also a good idea to have videos created with different running times. A :30 sec video is great for your home page while a :90 sec video is very useful for your sales force.

    Decide what you want your video to say or imply. Should it contain humor or be straight-laced? Know your audience and think like them. A good video production company will do the research for you, guide you through the creation process and deliver a high caliber, distinctive and customer captivating video.

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Article Submitted On: March 28, 2008