Top 7 Topic Ideas For Your Next Press Release

By Christina Nelson

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Your first press release should be your introduction to the business world. It should be told in the 3rd person, as if you are a reporter interviewing a new business, and you should refrain from making it sound like an advertisement as much as possible.If you are not comfortable writing it yourself, you should find someone who can do it for you. Trying to come up with new ideas is tough. Maybe the following will help you brainstorm.

  1. Educate

    Educate the readers on some new item or procedure in your target market.

  2. Celebrate

    Tie in your service or product with the current holiday. Brainstorm ways you could help with any local events that are planned in your area. (donate time/product, provide items for raffles)

  3. Entertain

    Write about something funny that happened recently. Maybe your clients have a funny story about you that you wouldn’t mind them sharing. Hold a silly contest. Maybe a 10% discount to anyone who scores above a certain # on some ridiculous test (look around the internet, they are everywhere).

    Be silly, just don’t over-do it.

  4. Inform

    Make sure you are up-to-date on the latest technology for your industry and your target industry. Provide readers with new and exciting information/reviews on the newest gadget, software, etc.

  5. Volunteer

    There are many places online where you can volunteer “virtually”. Once you have gotten your feet wet with one of the many deserving charities in need, write about your experience working for the charity, what you have learned about the cause, disease, etc. How others can help.

  6. Resolution

    Research your target market/niche and find out what one of the biggest obstacles or pet peeves they have and solve it, or provide resources for dealing with it or learning more about it. Sounds difficult but, with a little research, should be fairly simple.

  7. Freebies

    Compile some information that is targeted to your niche and make it into an e-book. Then, give it away free. The best part, you make it so they have to enter their email address to get the free e-book and you can compile a contact list for later. The list can be used to send promotional emails or e-newsletters. Just be sure to provide an unsubscribe link in the emails.

Christina Nelson is Owner of Vital Office Solutions, a virtual assistance business providing financial and administrative support services to small businesses and professionals. Christina has over 11 years of financial and administrative experience in the construction, retail, food and insurance industries. For more information, please visit http://www.vitalofficesolutions.com or email

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Article Submitted On: March 05, 2009