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Top 7 Tips to Stay Protected With Safety Harnesses

By Mark Batham

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People working on infrastructure projects and construction sites are often required to work at great heights. A slight ignorance can lead to fatal fall. Keeping in touch with the risky nature of work that engineers, construction workers and project managers do while working on such projects, international bodies such as OSHA has made it mandatory for users to use safety harness. Here are some of the major ways in which a safety harness can help you stay protected while working in great heights.

  1. Help in Checking Falls

    A fall arrest system is necessary if there is any risk that you might fall from an elevated point. As a rule of the thumb, the fall protection system should be used if you work at a height of six feet or more. The working height refers to the distance from walking or working surface or lower level.

  2. Minimise the Impact of the fall

    A fall arrest system will matter if in case a fall occurs. A safety harness which is equipped with a retractable lifeline or shock-absorbing lanyard is the ideal product which is advisable. The fall arrestor is responsible for distributing force throughout the body and shock-absorbing lanyard while minimising the total arresting forces.

  3. Ensure High Flexibility While Working At Great Heights

    The positioning system of the harnesses ensures that the worker can stand firmly and moves his hands freely. So, whenever you lean back, the system get activated. But all personal protective equipment which you will come across is still not specifically meant for usage as a fall arrestor.

    The mechanism of the suspension works by lowering it and supporting the user to move his hands perfectly. Therefore, they are often used for window washing and painting. The suspension system components are not specifically meant for arresting a free fall. However, the presence of a backup fall arrest system in addition to a suspension system is suitable. In case you intend to use a fall arrestor for retrieval purpose keeping in mind your chances of falling, then you will need to look for a model which comes with retrieval feature.

  4. Help In Reaching Out To High Towers

    The newest models of safety harnesses which you will come across in the market are suitable for usage in projects which require climbing to great heights. They are suitable for usage while climbing great heights and play a major role in enhancing productivity of the workers. They are specifically designed for usage to climb TV, radio & utility towers, TV, while building/decommissioning towers. These harnesses are also suitable for changing transmission lines & antennas or for installation and replacement of lights.

  5. Optimum Protection Ensured At Great Heights

    The swivel anchors which are available in the market come with the feature of revolutionary 360° rotation. They can connect with a worker’s fall arrest system to protect the user safely while working on great heights. This includes options such as concrete and steel. A close check-up of the available models in the market will help you select a model which meets up with your needs in a perfect manner.

  6. Usage in Rescue Operations

    Professionals associated with Red Cross or fire brigade often use safety harnesses while engaging in rescue operations. They are therefore highly suitable for usage in buildings which have caught fire. These harnesses are also used by personnel while getting down from helicopters to reach out to people who need assistance.

  7. Optimum protection while participating in adventure sports

    Adventure sports involve high risks of injuries, which sometimes can turn out to be fatal.Safety harnesses are ideal for usage in extreme sports such as rappelling, rock climbing and wall climbing. They make sure that the user remains safe while climbing great heights.

The author is a blogger with expertise on all types of PPE including safety harnesses. His major areas of interest include industrial safety products meant for usage in industrial areas and workshops.

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Article Submitted On: March 30, 2017