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Top 7 Tips to Spot Termite Damage

By Lena Chietenburger

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The severity of termite damage can vary extensively depending on the size of the infestation. Therefore, fixing these damages can range from simply patching holes to replacing the entire wood framing of a house. In order to prevent such costly damages to your home you must tackle the infestation as soon as it starts and minimize further destruction. Here are some tips to spot termite damage in your home:

  1. Look for mud-like materials formed in irregular lines

    This is how a termite infestation looks like. Look for these mud-like materials outside of your home or in the vicinity of wood. Also, this mud-like material seems like a tunnel running towards the food source, wood.

  2. Look for any excavated wood

    If the wood crumbles after touching it and you observe a mud-like material within, it is likely that it is a termite colony.

  3. Look for swarms with insects that look like flying ants

    Swarms near a source of light in the evening hours especially during the spring, early summer, and early fall indicate that the reproductive termites are establishing a new colony in the area.

  4. Look for buckling paint

    Paint that is cracking or buckling may indicate that a termite infestation is nearby. Exterminate the termites first and fix the damages.

  5. Look for tiny holes on the wood

    Similar to paint that is buckling, tiny holes on the wood may also be an indication of termite infestation.

  6. Look for termites (Workers)

    If you see termites in your home, it is very likely that a termite infestation has already occurred. Look for insects that are white in color and do not have wings. Worker termites are usually well hidden in wood and are half the size of reproductive termites.

  7. Look for termites (Kings and Queens)

    Kings and Queens (reproductive termites) have 0.5inch-long wings and are often black or brown in color. Moreover, they are twice the size of worker termites.

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Article Submitted On: September 28, 2009