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Top 7 Tips to Reduce Workplace Injuries

By Rakesh Mishra

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Workplace injuries are quite common these days which cause a heavy impact on the worker as well as to the business. The costs involved include workersí compensation insurance, medical expenses as well as possible legal services. Moreover, they also cause indirect costs with training replacement employees, lost productivity, accident investigation and equipment repair. The usage of safety jackets and other precautionary equipments need to be incorporated at the workplace. Let us focus on 7 important tips for maintaining a safe working environment for injury prevention.

  1. Integrate a safety and wellness plan

    The base for a safe work environment is a useful accident prevention as well as wellness program. The program should cover all levels of employee safety along with health with the support to report hazardous behavior or practice.

  2. Practice pre-employment screening

    Some accidents occur due to inexperience and the failure to physically perform the act. Screening applicants is a precaution for placement with the appropriate positions in accordance with their physical capabilities.

  3. Educate employees and management staff

    It is important to cultivate a safety standard for employees and management staff. Make sure you train employees regarding the importance of following safety measures. Moreover, supplemental training in body mechanics works to reduce strain injuries, and tend to keep the employees safe during moving and lifting.

  4. Provide Protection Equipment

    You need to focus on offering personal protection equipment such as safety shoes, safety goggles etc. Take time to impart knowledge to employees how to precisely use these goggles, gloves, face protection, hard hats, earplugs etc.

  5. Donít prefer shortcuts

    Accidents happen when the employees forget steps to complete a task ahead of schedule. You need to make sure all instructions are simplified and organized for preventing undue mishaps at the workplace.

  6. Inspect & Maintain All Company Vehicles

    As per The Occupational Safety and Health Act, workplace-driving accidents develop the employers cost to an average of $60 billion dollars a year. Under maintenance, monthly inspections and repairing vehicles are also included.

  7. Monitor Safety Measures

    Right after the initial training, you need to reinforce safety measures at different occasions, i.e. staff meetings, education and supervision. Also, reward employees who follow the setting standards for a specified amount of time.

    These above mentioned tips should be followed and regulated time to time for ensuring a accident-free environment.

    Final Say
    Workplace injuries occurs quite frequently either due to the mistakes of the workers or carelessness in inspecting safety equipments. Work to educate the employees so that their focus should be to stay alert and aware while performing any action.

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Article Submitted On: April 17, 2017