Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Sanity During The Holidays

By Cheryl Vallejos

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Typically most business leaders and entrepreneurs face the same challenge everyone faces during the holidays—too much to do and too little time! You need to keep your business going, at least for the majority of December, yet you have added responsibilities taking up your time: professionally, you have to deal with year-end financial concerns, employees requesting time off, and office decorations and parties; personally, you have home decorations, presents to buy, and maybe travel plans. So how do you keep your sanity and actually pull it all off—and manage to have a happy holiday?

One way may be to re-focus on the reason for the season. What are the winter holidays all about? How do you get off the treadmill of activity and commercialism and back into the heart of these times of sacredness and celebration? What is the reason for the season for you personally? This is something that may be different for everyone, so take a few minutes before the hustle begins to look inside yourself and remember what the holidays mean to you. Here are some ideas that may help you reconnect with the spirit of the season:

  1. Giving: When you focus on how you can give, you wind up receiving so much in return. Giving, however, doesn’t need to be about how much you spend on presents. Consider giving as an expression of caring and a way of saying thank you. The bonus you give to staff or contractors says you appreciate their loyalty and exceptional service. The gift you give family members and friends says thank you for being in my life.

  2. Receiving: Additionally, you need to be a good receiver, since those who appreciate you need to show it too. So accept that purple striped tie that you find obnoxious or the box of chocolates you can’t eat, with grace and a smile.

  3. Gratitude: Of course, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for expressing your thanks or gratitude. It’s unfortunate that we need the holidays to remember to be grateful for what we have and to express gratitude to those we appreciate. When sending holiday greetings to business associates, employees, family, or friends, take the time to add a personal note and tell each one what you value about them. It works wonders for both of you.

  4. Connection: What a great excuse to spend time with those you usually don’t have time for. At work, you’ll enjoy being with your co-workers and staff in a social context and getting to know them in a deeper way. This in turn can only enhance your working relationship. At home, you may connect with family members and loved ones you only see at holidays. This keeps that contact alive and replenishes your heart.

  5. Celebration: It’s time to party. New Year’s Eve is especially a great time to kick up your heels, drink champagne, and dance the night away. You work hard all year, so you deserve some playtime. Get into the spirit of the New Year and celebrate in the way that works for you. Some enjoy partying while others prefer a quiet celebration: a hike in the woods, a walk on the beach—time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. Create the observance of these occasions with meaningful activities.

  6. Renewal: Holidays are everyone’s excuse to take a break, and that means you too! Your body and your brain need some time off when you don’t think at all about your work. Allow yourself at least a few days at Thanksgiving, Christmas/Chanukah, and the New Year to wind down. With a rested body and mind, you’ll be full of energy and creativity for a terrific year ahead.

  7. Planning: Take time during the holidays to plan for the year ahead. Review what worked and didn't work, then make new choices. Have a year end staff meeting and discuss over eggnog how everyone is feeling about their jobs and what suggestions they have for the new year. It's a great bonding experience and a boon to a new profitable and successful year.

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Article Submitted On: November 29, 2005