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Top 7 Tips to Judge Quality of a Bosch Drill Machine

By Alan Cory

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A drill machine is one of the most widely used tools in any type of a project. They play a major role in a wide range of applications starting from construction to DIY projects. Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of drill machines in the world. It has created a wide range of drill machine models for usage across a variety of applications. Therefore, you may find it pretty complex while looking for a Bosch drill machines online which can suit your needs perfectly. Here are some tips using which you can acquire the best quality of drill machine from Bosch:-

  1. Decide Whether You Require a Corded or Cordless Drill

    This is one of the major considerations which you will need to focus upon to make sure that you buy a drill of a suitable drill machine. Cordless drill machines are highly convenient to use. As long as their battery has sufficient charge, they can be used practically anywhere. But one major issue with these drill machines is that they have a limited battery life. You can also avoid tripping over corded with cordless drills. Hence they are safer are lighter. But high power cordless drill machines (with a voltage between 18V-24V) are heavier than corded drill machines. These drill machines have a limited life span.

    In comparison, corded drill machines are more suitable since you won’t have to wait for their batteries to get charged. They are therefore suitable for use in applications which require drilling over a considerable period of time. This type of drill machines offer better torque and have a greater running time. Corded drill machines have a long lifespan and can be used up to a period of 10 years.

  2. Check the Batteries on Which the Drill Machine Runs

    You will need to be very attentive when it comes to the type of batteries if you intend to buy a cordless drill. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are a better alternative in comparison to Nickel-Metal-Hydride (NiMH) batteries. The former are more powerful and have a longer durability. They not have any memory based problems and are less degradable to the environment since they are made from less harmful metals.

  3. Verify the Chuck

    The chuck holds a drill machine’s bits together. They are available in different sizes and types. Their normal sizes are ¼’’, 3/8’’ and ½’’. Chucks with a size of 3/8’’ are the most widely used. However, if you are looking drill machine bits with a large diameter, then you should go for a ½’’ chuck since a 3/8’’ drill cannot hold many bits of larger size. If you don’t need to house larger bits, then you can opt for a 3/8’’ chuck. It will offer higher bit speed.

    Chucks are primarily of two types-keyed and key-less. Keyed chucks are equipped with a mechanical key which is used for tightening and loosening machine bits. Key-less chucks on the other hand can hold bits more tightly since they are not likely to slip within the chuck when you drill. You will also find it easier to change drill machine bits. Therefore, there won’t be any risks of the key getting lost.

  4. Reverse Feature

    This feature will assist you in removing bits which are stuck. Keyless chucks are all have a reverse as there is no other method for taking out the drill machine bit. Therefore, you will need to be careful about this feature if you intend to buy a keyed drill.

  5. Speed Range Settings

    This feature is important if you intend to use the drill for driving screws. You will be able to drive screws smoothly at lower bit speeds.

  6. Torque Quality

    This is an essential feature to which you will need to pay attention to, if you want to drive screws. Using the clutch, you will be able to set a maximum torque point after which the drill will stop operating. It will also help in checking the screw from driving within the material. This feature will prove to be a major plus point if you intend to drive a lot of screws.

  7. Variable Speed

    This feature is a must if you want a drill machine mainly for driving screws. Even if you do not use the machine for this purpose, this feature will enable you to drill clean holes since different materials require various bit speeds.

The author is a blogger with sound knowledge of Bosch tools. He has reviewed several Bosch drilling machine models & shared the drill machine buying aspects to check across well-known publications in the past.

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Article Submitted On: April 12, 2017