Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Photography

By Sarina Roth

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Photography is an effective way to convey a personal touch for your business. It can be used on your website, on your business card, in brochures and other promotional materials that represent you and your company. Here are 7 tips to help you improve your photography.

  1. Read the manual that comes with your camera and photography equipment.

    By learning about all the functions and tools available to you, you will be better equiped to take better photographs. Practice using the functions as you read through your manual so you can become more comfortable with each setting.

  2. Practice taking photographs that fall outside of your comfort zone.

    If you usually take photographs of only friends and family, try to experiment with different subjects, such as animals, nature, landscapes or architecture. Although sometimes you may need special equipment to get professional-looking shots, by working with different subjects, you will expand your horizons, get more experience using your camera, and improve your picture-taking skills all around.

  3. Take the time to look at other photographers' work.

    Review photography in magazines, books and on other photographers' websites to be exposed to different styles and techniques. Notice the use of lighting, various focal positions, props, and creative angles to give you ideas and inspire you. Although you may not want to copy another photographer's work, you can certainly incorporate some of the creativity into your own style.

  4. Don't always center your subject.

    Although most of us were taught years ago to be sure to keep our subject in the center of the frame, try making your focal point 1/3 of the frame to the left or right, or up or down. This offers a creative perspective and can add drama, such as if the person in the photo is gazing across the center of your image.

  5. Change your perspective.

    Don't be afraid to take photographs lower or higher than your eye level. Getting low on the ground or higher than your normal viewpoint can make a significant difference in the perspective of your photo. If you are used to looking down at your dog each day, try laying in the grass with him and taking a shot from there. It can look like a completely different world and make your photographs even more special.

  6. Add something in the foreground.

    While still focusing on your subject, move an object with some color or interesting shape close to the front of your camera to give your image a natural "frame" at the bottom or side. A cup of pens or a nice flower arrangement can make even professional headshots look more stylish, even though the foreground object will be out of focus.

  7. Notice details in the background.

    Although many distracting objects in your photos can be removed later with software programs, save yourself the time and hassle by looking at the background of your subject before taking the shot. Be sure you crop out wall plugs, light switches, trash or anything that may be protruding out of the top or side of your subjects. Sometimes by simply taking a small step to the right or left can hide undesireable distractions.

Sarina Roth is a professional photographer in Braselton, Georgia and currently owns Never the Rock Photography. Her work includes commercial, real estate, and professional business photography, as well as pet portraits, nature, travel, landscapes, family and lifestyle portraits. She also provides professional photography for a local county magazine. Sign up on her website to begin receiving her Photo-of-the-Week by email: http://www.nevertherock.com.

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Article Submitted On: December 14, 2010