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Top 7 Tips to Get your Query Letter Noticed!

By Michelle Dunn

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Before you send out that query letter to an editor or publisher, make sure it won't get tossed in the trash. Your goal is to get noticed, when you send out this query letter. The day you mail your letter, there will be many other authors will send one at the same time, so you need to make your letter special so it gets noticed and stands out.

  1. You need to make your letter different in some way, it has to stand out from all the other letters that will be received that day.

  2. Try to make your letter one page, if it is to long, reduce your font size but do not go smaller then 8pt. Type something in a document and change the font to 8 pt, if it is to small for you, it is to small for anyone else.

  3. Use colored paper, not to bright but something a little different from all the white letters they will receive on the same day. Maybe gray or ivory, or a pale color.

  4. Use creative packaging to send your letter, maybe a plain white box rather than an envelope. It will stand out on their desk, and get opened first.

  5. Try using a heavier weight paper, like stationary paper or letterhead paper. The more professional you make your letter, the more seriously it will be taken.

  6. Use Spell Check!!!!! You would be surprised how many letters received contain mistakes.

  7. FOLLOW UP - call or send a note, calling is better but please remember to follow up!

Michelle Dunn has over 17 years experience in Credit and Debt collection. She is the founder and president of Never Dunn Publishing, LLC, is a writer, publisher, consultant and the Editorial Advisor for Eli Financial Debt Collection Compliance Alert Newsletter.
Michelle has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, PC World, Home Business Magazine, Home Business Journal, Entrepreneur, The Internet Web Source, Professional Collector, and in Home Based Business for Dummies, Shameless Marketing for Brazen Hussies, The Wall Street Journal, she was a featured guest on (NPR) National Public Radio and has been in many newspapers & magazines nationwide.
Visit her website at http://www.michelledunn.com or http://www.credit-and-collections.com for more information on how you can make more money collecting the money that is owed to you.

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Article Submitted On: January 11, 2006