Top 7 Tips to Creative Promotions

By Eugenijus

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The key to success in NetMarketing is constant promotion. Opportunities at rest are simply failures waiting to happen. The pros in this business are always in constant motion. They are pros in motion - using pro-motion.

In this promotion series you will learn what it takes to promote your business. While there are dozens of options available, it's best to gain a working knowledge of them all. Remember, the more you know, the better you will be able to lead your downline members.

  1. Plan Your Promotion, Then Promote Your Plan

    Whether you are submitting your link to an FFA links page
    (Free For All) or spending several hundred dollars on an
    Ezine Solo Ad, treat every promotion as a single campaign.
    Have a purpose and desired result for your effort. Plan
    your work, work your plan. Haphazard effort leads
    to haphazard results. Commit fully - remember, this
    is a business, not a hobby

  2. Carefully Target Your Audience

    Wasted dollars are often the result of attracting the wrong
    set of eyeballs. Just as important as what you want people
    to see, is attracting the right set of viewers. Select an
    audience who will be the most receptive to your offer.
    Many websites offer a gazillion hits for a tiny amount of
    money. If you have money to burn, then go for it. Rule
    of thumb: if you can't target these hits by country of
    origin AND by category of interest, you may as well throw
    your wallet in the fireplace and roast marshmallows.

  3. Keep Your Promotions Prospect-Centered

    Never become the object of your promotion, instead allow
    your prospect to become point of focus. Use the word "I"
    sparingly, use the word "you" liberally. Ten uses of "you"
    for every "I" is a good goal.

  4. Be a Problem Solver, Not a Solutions Moderator

    Effective promotions solve problems for people. But if
    you present too many options for a solution, the door of
    confusion will be opened needlessly. Note: A confused
    mind almost always says No.

  5. Stress Buyer Benefits, Not Seller Features

    The beauty of a great promotion is that you are building
    your business simply by promoting what you believe in.
    When a feature is mentioned precede it with the benefit
    as in the sentence above. "You get a free website" is
    a feature. "Your free website is designed to do the
    selling for you so that your only job is to get prospects
    to your site" is a benefit.

  6. Always Start With The Least Expensive Venue

    When you embark on a campaign be sure that you build
    in a method for scaling your response. Before you blow
    your ad budget on an expensive Solo Ad, measure the
    response you get from an abbreviated ad in a smaller
    publication. This preserves capital while it serves as a
    test for evaluating your response. For example, the ezines
    with the most readers are not always the ones with the best
    results - test first, then go for the solo ad if your
    smaller ad generated acceptable interest.

  7. Create a System For Testing Your Promotion

    The sophistication of Internet technology now provides
    modern methods of testing and re-testing. Use of Ad
    Trackers, Click Exchange venues, and quickly edited
    auto-responders greatly reduce the expense of mistakes.
    Set up a system that takes advantage of technology.

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Article Submitted On: May 09, 2005