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Top 7 Tips to Be Great Public Speaker

By Kevin Stirtz

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Public speaking is one of the best ways to promote your business, your career or your organization. There is an endless number of groups looking for informative and entertaining speakers. You can be one of them! And when you wow an audience, they want more. It's a perfect way to build awareness, gain credibility and generate new leads for your business.

This article gives you seven top tips straight from a professional who's been there. They are road-tested and proven tools to help you become a great public speaker.

  1. It's ALL about your audience.

    You are there for them. (They are not there for your gain.) Whatever you do, your intent and focus needs to be 100% on your audience. Help them, entertain them, inform them, inspire them.

  2. Always play to win.

    Have something worthwhile to say (that they will want to hear) and be able to say it well. Half-way efforts don't count. Public speaking is a pass or fail deal. Always be prepared to hit the ball out of the park. No exceptions.

  3. Entertain and inform.

    There are plenty of boring speakers. Don't be one of them. Use humor and stories and fun to make your presentations sparkle. And give them enough solid information to make it worth their time. Enable them to leave with something they can use to improve their lives.

  4. Use stories. (Your stories.)

    Stories are not just for kids. Everyone loves a story. Just make sure it's fun and relevant. And , for the most part, use your own stories. Itís okay to sue some that you hear about from others. But if you use too many, youíll risk sounding like every other speaker who sues those stories. Use your own and youíll always be unique.

  5. Use personal examples to illustrate your points.

    Dig into your life for real examples to help you demonstrate concepts or illustrate points. People learn in different ways and real life examples are a great way to help people understand and remember your points.

  6. Get them involved.

    Forget the lectures we all had in high school or college. People don't want to be talked at. Ask questions and expect answers. Then use those answers to further a point if applicable. Make it a two-way exchange of information and you'll connect with more people.

  7. Show them the dream.

    We all have dreams. We all aspire to something greater than what or where we are. One of the reasons people enjoy great public speakers is they show them the dream. And they help them believe itís possible. Help your audience see their dream better. Help them believe they can take steps to accomplish their dream. Do that and youíll win new friends for life.

Kevin Stirtz is the president of the Stirtz Group. He is an author, consultant and professional speaker who helps grow their companies. Get a free copy of his book MARKETING FOR SMART PEOPLE at http://StirtzGroup.com

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Article Submitted On: May 22, 2007