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Top 7 Tips on What to do When Your Computer is Jammed

By Josef Firestone

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Most people experienced the helplessness of facing a jammed computer. We all been through it before, you get busy writing, surfing, working on the accounts, or just opening a few programs and windows, when the computer suddenly gets jammed- the frustration of it all.. Here are 7 tips to turn what starts as a negative experience into a positive one:

  1. Avoiding stress

    View the whole thing as a sign that you and your computer worked real hard, and that you both need some rest. Avoiding stress at this time is crucial.

  2. Prevention is better than cure

    Preventing a computer from ever being jammed is almost impossible. However, this one is not: make a conscious decision that whenever the computer is jammed, you will turn it into an advantage, and busy yourself with some things you rarely do.

  3. Immediate actions

    Turn off the computer and walk away. Take a deep breath, ignore negative thoughts, breath deeply again and feel free to say to yourself (and maybe others) that life is wonderful.

  4. Stretching your body

    Invest 5 minutes in doing some physical workout, mostly stretching and bending, or that sort of thing - soon your blood will start circulating better and you will receive the energy you deserve.

  5. Move some staff around

    Walk around the room, what have you neglected to do lately? Give the plants some water, move some staff around, or clean a window.

  6. Relax

    Sit down and relax, you got another 10 minutes.. close your eyes and think about things, pets, people you love, your wife, the children, or your boss.
    Get up and breath deeply again, think happily of what a great experience you just had. Turning a (potential) day breaker into a wonderful 20 minutes. And you gained so much - in fact, much more than what it normally brings, because there is always this extra reward and energy when you turn negative experience into a positive one.

  7. Duplicate this method

    Duplicate the essence of this exercise when dealing with other, to be expected events that influence you in a negative manner, and gain something out of these experiences.

Josef Firestone is a life lover, writer and poet. He writes about the mind, brain, self help, and health issues. you can visit him on Fortune Mind Discussions [http://www.joseffirestone.com]

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Article Submitted On: March 06, 2009