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Top 7 Tips on How to Get Listed in Google Places

By Julia Ionov

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Your location as well as your industry specifics are vital information that is relayed to Goggle Places. In order to gain influence and be well known in Google Places, it is important that you utilize important keywords that will help your business get listed among the top part of the list. Here are seven key elements to to keep in mind for successful listing in Google Places.

  1. Your Address

    Your business address is important as well as its location. Keywords that pertain to a certain city are often used to announce a business. For example, if your business is in Los Angeles, you could use Beverly Hills as one of your keywords. In this case, your business would be physically located in Los Angeles.

  2. Data Consistency

    It is important that your information is consistent and precise. Make sure that the business name, phone number and email address are all the same across different websites. Everywhere your business is listed, the information must be exactly the same. If your business is listed with different information, then this could be interpreted as a spamming attempt.

  3. Business Category

    Categories play an important part on the internet, especially when pertaining to a list. Make sure that you select the proper category, such as a hair salon should not be categorized under automobiles or autos. When you submit your business to Google Places make sure that you place it in the correct category and sub category.

  4. Keywords in Your Business Name

    It is also advisable that you utilize important keywords in your business name if this applies to your business. For instance, your business name is Betty’s Records, you would utilize Records as one of your keywords. This will increase your chance of getting listed in Google’s first result page in Google Places.

  5. Citations of Your Business

    References to your business or citations are sometimes mentioned in other business listing pages. For instance, the chamber or commerce in your city might have your business listed without actually linking directly to your website. Citations also play an important part in getting noticed on the internet. Having many citations in your city will increase the chance of it being listed in local searches. Having your website address listed on many websites will show Google that your business is worthy of being on its list.

  6. Positive Reviews

    Having excellent ratings and reviews will develop confidence in your business as far as Google is concerned. Google Places is basically a recommendation search engine, that recommends all the best places and businesses to those that are searching for that particular product or service. Customer reviews are vital to your business. Encourage your customers to write about your product or services if they are happy with what you have offered them in the past.

  7. Proximity to the Searched Location

    Having your business near significant industries and places of importance is vital as chances are that it will be listed in Google Places when a person searches for their choice. For instance, if you are near the San Francisco Bridge, chances are your business will be displayed in Google Places listing when someone is searching for record stores near San Francisco Bridge.

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Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Julia_Ionov

Article Submitted On: February 01, 2012