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Top 7 Tips on How to Create a Winning Resume for Your Teaching Career

By Jennie Haleyson

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So you are an amazing teacher and confident of your abilities. Then why is it so difficult to land the perfect job? Well, the key to your success lies in your resume.

Recruiters scan through hundreds of resumes every day. You need to make your resume stand out from the crowd, to give you that extra edge. Here are five tips you should find useful.

  1. Looks matter
    Give your resume a professional look. Most recruiters spend 10-20 seconds in glancing over a resume, so you need to make sure your key skills are prominently placed on the page. Use double spacing wherever possible so that the lines donít look too crowded together. Try to use one consistent font type throughout the document and use bold and italics only for things you want to draw attention to, such as places you worked or positions you held. Since we live in an age of information vulnerability, try to format your text in ASCII Text so that there is no viral threat.

  2. Place information on a page the right way
    Start off your resume with a summary. This should be an eye-catching one liner that tells your potential employer what it is you do or seek to do. This should be followed by your job profile, which lists your unique skills. Try to incorporate a lot of keywords here that are relevant to your job description. Your resume should also contain a detailed list of your job experience, educational qualifications, references, awards you have won, articles you have had published, known languages and your ability as an orator. Keep the most important information at the top and least important information at the bottom of the document.

  3. Use words that will help headhunters find you
    There are specific keywords that recruiters commonly type into job site search engines to find exactly the profile that they are looking for. As a teaching professional, you need to use the right words that will help your resume get singled out for attention. Keep scanning job descriptions to find out what recruiters are looking for.

  4. Describe yourself using bold and clear statements
    Only you know of your superlative performance. Get this message across to your prospective employer by describing yourself as best as you can. Use language that is clear and precise and sure to grab attention. Always make sure that complete sentences are used and in the first person; at the same time, never use the word ĎIí. Wherever you have bulleted lists, ensure parallelism is maintained. Let the recruiter see your vibrant character through the words on the page.

  5. Make it your best work ever
    Your resume should be the most perfectly written work in your possession. Check the spellings and proofread the document several times. Use formal language and send it along with a professional cover letter.

  6. Do some background research on the educational institution.
    Find out everything you can about the school that you are applying to. On the school website, you are bound to find out about the schoolís goals and what sort of methods they prefer to educate their students. Try going to the school before the interview just to get an idea of its location and size. Talk to parents of students of the institute so that you get a better understanding of which aspect of the school could be improved.

  7. Practice well for your interview.
    Go to the interview, armed with information and confidence. Make sure that you know your resume thoroughly so that you can answer any questions related to your prior experience. If you have time, browse through possible interview questions and answers. Practice these answers in front of a mirror so that on the day of the interview, you would be able to speak with confidence. Let your individuality shine through on the day of the interview. Try to be innovative in your answers so that you donít come across as having read your replies off a website.

Jennie Haleyson is a professional writer and coach who helps people with federal resume writing and and accompanies job seekers on the way to dream work. She conducts research on the labor market, studies the main trends of popular professions and writes manuals for people who are in search of their vocation.

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Article Submitted On: April 23, 2018