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Top 7 Tips on Being An Expert

By Kate Marsden

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Were all afraid of getting too big for our boots and putting ourselves out as the expert, just in case we get knocked down. But in my experience, many Small Businesses are owned and run by people who have far greater knowledge and experience than they give themselves credit for. Perhaps its time to start using your expertise to help drive your business profits. So how do you go about it? Try these 7 tips:

  1. Pick your area of expertise and stick to it. If thats doing make up for horror movies, providing financial support for taxi firms, training sales people in cold calling or whatever, thats OK just stick to whatever you settle on.

  2. Find something you are genuinely interested in as well as have experience. Most so called experts are seen as passionate and enthusiastic about their field, as well as just having lots of experience.

  3. Dont be too modest. You do not have to be the best in the world at something to be an expert you need to know more or have more skills than the people you are supporting. If you have evidence of this then be prepared to tell people about it your story is what marks you out as an expert.

  4. But do be humble there is no point trying to be an expert if you come across as a know it all who does not want to help people. Never criticize other peoples inexperience and if you can, be honest about the struggles you have had on the way.

  5. Get out there. Use any opportunities you can to get your name known as the expert. Write about what you do, through your web, articles or blogs. Offer to do talks to relevant groups or run seminars and webinars yourself. Contribute to the debates on social media and networking groups.

  6. Recognise your strengths. Calling yourself an expert can be hard for many people and you might feel you have to know everything or have spent years in research to apply that term. But you probably know a lot more about your business area than many of your customers and even your competitors.

  7. Be comfortable. For all of the above, be yourself. There are loads of experts out there who all have very different personalities and approaches. Dont try and copy someone else for the sake of it make your personality as an expert right for you.

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Article Submitted On: June 13, 2013