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Top 7 Tips on Becoming an Unstoppable Salesperson

By Dennis Collins and Dr. Donna Goldstein

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Wouldn't it be great if every business employed nothing but unstoppable salespeople? Excellent sales results are the product of high performance sellers, and the best do certain things better than the rest. We've captured the seven most important characteristics of unstoppable salespeople and present them here for your review.

  1. Believe in yourself.

    Unstoppable salespeople filter out negative thoughts and the advice of those who dwell on why it can't be done. They rely on their own inner voice and belief systems to carry them through any obstacles. They truly believe there's nothing they can't do.

  2. Sell with a purpose.

    Many people find their way into sales by accident. Accidental salespeople are rarely unstoppable. Purpose and passion for sales and for your product or service generate an inexhaustible supply of energy, far more abundant than from any other source.

  3. Take action.

    Action reflects belief. High performers stay in the game and take steps, even small steps, in the direction of their goal. They move consistently toward what they want and avoid actions, or inactions, that take them away from their goals.

  4. Improve self awareness.

    Unstoppable salespeople realize that their own moods and emotions can affect their relationships and their sales success. They monitor their feelings and energy levels to insure they remain effective throughout the day and the sales cycle.

  5. Keep your eye on the target.

    Unstoppable salespeople use many ways to keep themselves on track. Post-it notes on mirrors, cars, desks; screen savers on computers; charts and graphs for constant feedback. Messages on their PDA's; pictures representing their targets. They surround themselves with their dreams and make it their focus everyday.

  6. Get back up.

    No one wins all the time. Even unstoppable salespeople sometimes fall and fail. But unstoppable salespeople seem incapable of letting rejection get them down. Somehow they hear the word 'no' differently than others. 'No' to them doesn't mean 'no, not ever.' 'No' to them means 'no, not right now.'

  7. Focus on one thing at a time.

    Unstoppable salespeople have trained themselves to focus on one important objective at a time. Setting too many goals and objectives can lead to failure with all of them. Whether it's better customer retention, higher shares, or improved customer service, the unstoppable salesperson identifies their goal for each client and relentlessly pursues it.

Dennis Collins, one of the nation's top radio executives, has mentored hundreds of unstoppable salespeople. Dr. Donna Goldstein is a leading sales and executive coach and trainer. Visit her website, http://www.DrDonnaGo.com and sign up for Discoveries, her free newletter, or request a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.

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Article Submitted On: November 12, 2004