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Top 7 Tips in Preventing Identity Theft

By chris east

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Identity theft could happen to anyone. It is a criminal offense in which a person intends to acquire an identification of another person and uses it without proper authorization as he adopts it as it was his own. Most often, the purpose is for financial gain. A criminal may gather information by tapping a phone call, listening to conversations, hacking passwords and banking information over the internet, etc.

  1. Be wary in providing information to others especially to strangers regardless of the time and place. Always ask questions whenever being asked for information.

  2. Keep checkbooks, documents and credit cards safely locked especially when you are away.

  3. Lost items should be reported right away like credit cards, licenses and other materials or documents, which contain any personal data.

  4. Have a consumer credit report yearly. Keep a list of your monetary accounts. Immediately correct errors on credit reports.

  5. Do not append credit card numbers through emails

  6. If possible, do not bring extra credit cards when going shopping.

  7. Protect yourself from swindlers that tell you, you won an amount or a prize from a contest and might ask you to submit personal or financial account.


Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=chris_east

Article Submitted On: March 07, 2007