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Top 7 Tips for Sales Coaching Success

By Len D'Innocenzo

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Sales managers are usually promoted into their positions because they were good individual performers. They were consistent performers in their work and they showed an interest in advancing their careers by earning their promotion into management. They you were offered their sales manager position because senior management felt they were competent. But have they been trained on how to “coach and counsel” their people to be as successful as they were? Here are a seven tips for coaching success:

  1. Coach all the people on your team

    The top performers, those in the middle and the bottom.

  2. Coach each person one-on-one regularly

    At least twice a month - more often when possible. Some people will need more frequent coaching, depending on their development level.

  3. Do not ignore the problem thinking it will get better by itself

    It usually will not.

  4. When together, avoid jumping in at the first sign of trouble.

    Don’t let them drown either.

  5. Find something positive to say in every coaching session.

  6. Have them analyze their performance first

    What they like best and least.

  7. Recommend and model the preferred method

    Customer Focused Selling. Team less experienced people with your best people.

Len DInnocenzo and Jack Cullen are co-founders of Corporate Sales Coaches, LLC. Each has over twenty years experience as sales and customer service management executives. They are featured speakers, course developers and facilitators, and authors of two books. For more information, contact 215-493-2465 or 678-341-9051 or visit our website at http://www.corporatesalescoaches.com.

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Article Submitted On: May 26, 2011