Top 7 Tips for Keeping Your Business Looking Good

By Claire Cunningham

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Youíve heard of dressing for success. Well, looks count when it comes to communications materials as well. In fact, looks matter a lot.

Whether youíre doing print or electronic communication, avoid looking bush league by watching these details:


    There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of typefaces. Some are easier to read than others. Make sure your text is easy-to-read by using a readable face. (When in doubt, test typefaces on members of your audience.)

    Type size and color matter also. Larger type is easier to read. Reverse type (light text on a dark background) can be hard on the eyes.

    Avoid using more than two or three faces in any piece. Multiple typefaces create a cluttered, unattractive look.


    Ever wonder why newspapers and magazines format their articles in columns? Itís easier for human eyes to track shorter lines of text. Break up your copy into columns that are no more than 3Ē wide for a cleaner look and better readability.


    Most members of your audience wonít have the time or inclination to plow through long text. Keep what you have to say brief. Use bullet points. If itís a web site, you can offer more information through hyperlinks. That leaves it up to the visitor to follow whatís of interest.


    You know the saying, ďA picture is worth a thousand wordsĒ? Itís true. Use visuals to emphasize your messages. But be picky. Poor quality, photos speak volumes about your organization. And what they say isnít good.

  5. PAPER

    If youíre printing a piece, the paper you use sends a message. Itís a tactile thing, plus paper affects photo reproduction. Use the best quality paper you can afford, and ask to see a mock-up of your piece on the paper you specify.


    Fuzz is okay on peaches but not in web sites, ads, brochures, newsletters or anything else with your name on it. That means no fuzzy logos, fuzzy type or fuzzy photos.


    Once youíve worked out a look, standardize it. Set up rules for logo usage, color, tag line, paper and layout, and follow them. Consistency helps build familiarity.

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Article Submitted On: March 06, 2008