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Top 7 Tips for Internet Business Success

By Patricia R. Moynihan

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You've put your business on the web and now you're ready for the millions of orders you know will flood in! well, I hate to burst your bubble but it doesn't quite work like that. Like any business, your online business requires your time, energy and persistence. The good news is that the skills you need are easy to learn and a pleasure to implement. Here are 7 tips that work for all skill levels:

  1. Check your site. You MUST list every possible contact method. Your visitors MUST be able to reach you. I find that listing all my phone numbers, fax numbers, e mail addresses and a page entitled About Us is essential. In your About Us page, put up your head shot. This personalizes your web site.

  2. Promotion, promotion, promotion. You must spend at least two hours every day promoting your business. The best time to do this is first thing every morning. If you have the funds to advertise, then use PPC's (Pay Per Clicks). I'm not going to advertise their names. Just put PPC in your locator bar and decide which ones suit you best. If you have no advertising funds, then use the free ad sites and the Free For All sites. Same routine: put FFA in your locator bar and jump through the necessary hoops.

  3. Now, when you've done all the preliminary advertising work, you need to reach your niche market. This is more complicated. If you sell say, parchment book marks, put "parchment book marks" in your locator bar. Visit every site that comes up and contact the users of that site by all permitted means. These are as diverse as message boards, blogs and articles explaining your product.

  4. Deal with e mail ONLY in the evening. "But why?" you ask. "I love reading and answering my e mails." Right! That's the problem. E mail is time consuming. You must devote early morning time and energy to your promotion. You can read and answer e mail after business hours when your energy level is low you can take as long as you want, without impinging on your other business duties.

  5. Get new business cards. You need to print not just your name and business address but your web address, your email address and your logo or slogan, if you have one.

  6. Link with other sites complementary to your business. This is easy. Just bring up the site and write a note to their contact person suggesting a mutual link. You'll find that they will be delighted. Link popularity is very important for search engine optimization.

  7. SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Many pundits consider this to be the most important strategy for boosting your internet business. Make sure your key words are absolutely relevant to your site and your product. Manually submit your site to as many search engines and directories as possible. Do NOT buy an automatic submission package. The search engine spiders ignore all automatic submissions. This manual submission procedure can, all by itself, take the whole two hours you allocate each morning but it's essential to the health of your site

Patricia R. Moynihan is the Irish lawyer who founded Dealon Bracelets in 1976. She is a noted speaker on alternative health care and internet marketing. You can reach her at her web site http://www.dealonbracelets.com

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Article Submitted On: November 03, 2004