Top 7 Tips for Developing a Dynamic and Positive Workforce

By Ronya Banks

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As a business leader, you are probably already aware that your staffís performance can make or break the success of your business. However, developing a positive workforce is much easier said than done. The following tips will help you develop a great, hard-working staff that works with you to grow your business.

  1. Plan your workforce.

    What kind of workforce do you want to have one month from today, three months from now, six months, or twelve months down the road? How many people do you want to have working for you, in what positions, at what work performance levels, with what attitudes, and aptitudes? List these specific criteria, along with a plan of how you are going to go about building this workforce.

  2. Pull out the weeds.

    If you have one or more employees walking around with a terrible attitude, no matter how adept they are at what they do, they are bound to be muddying the waters for everyone around them. This negative energy drains everyone and in the long run, hurts the business. If they are unwilling to change their attitude, get rid of them and you will see an immediate improvement in morale, performance, and profits.

  3. Teach your staff to see problems as exciting opportunities for improvement.

    Every organization has problems. The key is to notice the problems, and then focus on the possible solutions to these problems. Then, team up to implement innovative solutions that actually improve the businessí daily systems.

  4. Promote teamwork.

    You might notice that the Lone Ranger is no longer a big television hit. Thatís because studies are indicating that groups of people working together synergistically produce significantly greater results than people working independently of each other. Create your team around you. Enroll them into your business vision and go out there and win this game!

  5. Institute and uphold employee responsibilities, guidelines, and company policies.

    Provide each of your staff members with an employee handbook and appropriate paperwork that clearly delineates their daily responsibilities, your companyís policies, and any applicable local, city or state guidelines that affect them. Go over these policies with them, answering any of their questions, and have them sign that they have read and understand this paperwork. This educates new staff members of their rights and what is expected of them. It also serves as a cover to your backside, should any unfortunate disputes arise.

  6. Be a positive role model.

    If you desire to retain a staff of passionate, intelligent, go-getters who are committed to continuing to find creative ways to improve their performance, guess who gets to be their example or role model? Thatís right Ė You! Lead the way by being the positive role model they would be proud to evolve into some day.

  7. Only hire people who are excited about life.

    Itís much easier to train and elicit greatness from someone who is already excited about life, than it is to attempt to inspire someone whose baseline is neutral, bored or unmotivated. People who are excited about life smile often, have a lot of energy, have personal aspirations and are eager to learn and grow as individuals. These people are also a JOY to work with.

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Article Submitted On: August 27, 2004