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Top 7 Tips for Buying an Ebook Maker

By Mandeep Raj Mishra

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Among people aiming to reach an extensive audience with their texts and/or audio-visual materials, Ebooks are rapidly becoming an extraordinary method. Apart from them, webmasters who are keen on promoting websites and retaining visitors, publishing ebooks and distributing them has become a profitable trend.

If you have written an ebook and are looking forward to publish them, sooner or later you will probably be faced with a dilemma of choosing an ebook creator that best meets your needs and also comes within your financial budgets.

There are number of ebook makers on the market and so you have lots of choices while buying them. However, this may create anxiety as to which one is the best. You donít need to worry though. Be clear about what you want and check the above mentioned tips. If you consider these points, then you may probably land up with some nice Ebook maker. If someone asks me about a particular ebook creator that is available in the market and that meets most of the demands of a buyer, then I would suggest EBook Maker Version 2.0 found. Here are a few things that you may want to ponder before you make a purchase.

  1. Make sure that your ebook maker can compile different file types such as audio, video, mp3, Flash and other multimedia contents apart from a simple HTML or a text file. Whether you should create your e-book as a Pdf file or .exe file is another issue. I would rather have them in a separate exe format because they generally donít require you to install any other software to run them.

  2. Also make sure that you donít require other softwares to read your ebook. Buying an ebook maker to create an ebook and then purchasing another software to run it would be unthinkable. Readers of your ebook would surely want to avoid buying and then installing softwares just to read it.

  3. Do check out what other features are attached to your ebook maker. Does it have TOC generator or for that matter a cover page generator?

  4. Also keep in mind that the ebook maker that you choose has functionality to allow you to prohibit others to copy or print your contents.

  5. You may also want your ebook maker to be able to create compressed ebooks easing your readers with smaller disk space and download bandwidth.

  6. Remember that ebooks are generally created with different expiration modes so that readers who are using your book for a trial period are unable to access them after that. Does your ebook maker have this feature?

  7. Lastly, donít forget to check the system requirements. You probably wouldnít want to change your operating system run an Ebook.


Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Mandeep_Raj_Mishra

Article Submitted On: May 14, 2006