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Top 7 Tips for Business Travel

By June Campbell

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If you're a road warrior, these travel tips will help reduce the stress of your journeys.

  1. Choose your travel modality wisely

    Planes, trains or automobiles: what's the choice to be? While air travel is clearly the only way to go for long journeys, shorter trips of a couple of hundred miles might be faster via train, bus or auto. When making your decision, consider time spent traveling to and from airports, plus time spent lining up for check-in, security and departure. Also consider the effects inclement weather can have on your travel choice. It's no fun hearing the announcement that your plane can't land due to poor visibility and you'll be returning to your departure airport.

  2. Consider alternative airports

    If you're flying, consider alternative airports that are outside the city you're going to visit. As a rule, these airports have fewer flights, less overbooking and fewer delays than their larger counterparts.

  3. Obtain an international driver's license.

    If traveling outside your own country, an international driver's license will be more readily recognized than your locally issued driver's license. The cost is not prohibitive, and, in most regions, the licenses are easily obtained by showing your local driver's license. Inquire at your local Automobile Association.

  4. Get your maps before you leave home

    Travel is less stressful if you know how to get around. Before leaving home, obtain maps of your destination city. One approach is to visit Web sites such as City Search and print out maps. Place your printed maps in plastic folders for protection against the elements. Trying to read a road map while standing on a rainy street corner has its obvious disadvantages.

  5. Carry electronic documents rather than hard copy

    Rather than carry heavy stacks of brochures or sales letters, take electronic documents on diskettes and have them printed at a local printing service. Similarly, if you are working a booth in a trade show, it's a good idea to carry electronic documents in case you run out of the stack you shipped from the office.

  6. Find hotels that cater to business travelers

    Hotels that cater to business travelers will have Internet capabilities and offer access to business machines such as faxes and photocopiers.

  7. Remember Adapters

    If you're traveling to a foreign country, remember that you might need special adapters for electricity. You might also need special adapters to accommodate both electrical plugs and telephone jacks. A good travel store will be able to help you decide what's needed.

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Article Submitted On: November 19, 2001