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Top 7 Tips for Becoming a Confident Writer

By Bobbi Linkemer

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An experienced writer I once knew was asked by an editor for a sample of his work. He haughtily replied, "My dear young woman, I do not audition." Not so. As freelance writers, we are constantly auditioning. The trick is to do so with confidence and class. The question then becomes, how does one achieve that attitude? Obviously, no single article can provide all the answers. But since this is an issue that particularly plagues writers, here are some techniques I have found helpful over the years.

  1. Give every project your all. Then, you'll always know you did the best job you could possibly do. That is one of the most powerful confidence builders you can employ.

  2. Maintain your professionalism in every situation. Expect to be treated as a professional. Among other things, that means that you do not have to accept inappropriate or abusive behavior. It takes a strong feeling of self-worth to put a stop to such treatment, even if it means leaving the room or leaving the client; but it's very important to your self-respect to do it.

  3. If you're not getting feedback, ask for it. Writers often feel as if we are throwing our work into a bottomless, black hole. A lack of criticism in not the same as a compliment or positive reinforcement. It's just a lack of feedback.

  4. Take criticism graciously. Learn from it. Get your ego out of the way, and concentrate on finding the best solution to a communication problem, not on being a star. Consider constructive criticism a way to improve your work.

  5. Accept praise. If you receive a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done, accept it with appreciation. Often, the best response is a simple, "Thank you."

  6. Keep a portfolio of your best work. That has two purposes: first, it is a powerful marketing tool; and, second, it reminds you of how good you are.

  7. Keep a file of any "fan letters" you receive. Reread them on bad days. They provide spontaneous, sincere positive reinforcement, which is worth its weight in gold.

Bobbi Linkemer is a ghostwriter, editor, and the author of 12 books. She works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to enhance their credibility and increase business by writing books. Visit http://www.WriteANonfictionBook.com or call 314-968-8661.

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Article Submitted On: February 14, 2007