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Top 7 Tips for Article Marketing Secrets

By Michael R Dougherty

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Do you want to make money online--even if you don't have a website? You can make money online with something you know, your hobby, or something you're passionate about. Learn these top 7 article marketing secrets--and you'll kick start your online business.

  1. The 3 Reasons People Go Online

    You have to know why people are online, what their doing and what they're looking for. Before you can make money online, you must know your market and what they're doing online.

    There are 3 main reasons why people go online:


    Of the 3 reasons why people go online, information is the biggest reason. The Internet is the biggest library in the world. You can go inline and find information about anything from how to make your lawn greener to how to the world's best chili recipe--and more.

    Information online is also referred to as content. People online want information (content) so the search engines love information.

    The second reason people go online is communication. And while online communication used to mean email, in today's online world it also includes "social networking" like Facebook, and video sites like YouTube. And a list of social networking sites that grows daily.

    Communication online is literally exploding.

    The 3rd reason people go online is for entertainment. You can play games online, watch movies, TV episodes and videos. And like communication, online entertainment is growing at a fast rate.

  2. Learn What The Search Engines Want--And Don't Want

    To be successful with online article marketing you have to know what the search engines want, what they look for, and just as important is knowing what the search engines don't want. In the simplest terms, the search engines want what people online want. Search engines are an online business, and to compete, they need to give people what they want.

    Because people online are looking for information (content), the search engines love original, high-quality content. The Search engines don't want rehashed, poorly written content--because that doesn't provide the best service to their online customers.

    Article marketing is big online, because people are looking for information, and the search engines want to give Internet users the best information they can provide. Write for people, not the search engines.

  3. Discover Your Niche

    When do you do your best? Think about it--when do you see your very best work? When it comes from your heart. Because you do your best when it comes from your heart, writing about something you know, your hobby, something you're interested in, or something you're passionate about is always going to be your best work.

    Just writing an article about something you think is going to make you some money is not going to produce your best work. You'll get tired of writing about things you're not interested in. And writing only to make money isn't going to be long-term, because you won't want to keep writing that way.

    Finding your online niche and becoming known as an expert in your niche will help you to write powerful, high quality, original articles that online visitors and the search engines will love. And, you'll love what you're doing.

  4. Learn Exactly What People Are Looking For Online

    "Find a hungry school of fish and feed them."

    Now what does a hungry school of fish have to do with article marketing? Have you ever owned an aquarium, or visited an aquarium at feeding time? When the food hits the water, the fish "attack" the food--they have a feeding frenzy.

    Would you like a hungry group of online visitors to have a feeding frenzy over your articles so you end up making money? Of course you would. Keywords and keyword phrases are the actual words people type into the search engines to find what they're looking for.

    So if you know the exact works or phrases that people are typing into the search engines, then you can use those same words and phrases to "attract" your hungry school of fish.

    Go to the Google search engine and type "google keyword" but without the quotes. Then find the Google Keyword Tool and type your subject into the keyword tool. You'll end up with a list of the exact words and phrases people are using--and now you know which words to use.

  5. How People Read Online

    Knowing this article marketing "secret" will change the way you look at the Internet. A man named Jakob Nielsen has done a huge amount of research on just how people read website pages and articles. He's actually hooked people up to machines that measure their eye movement when they look at a website or article.

    The result

    People don't read online--they scan

    Looking at a computer screen is a little hard on your eyes and a bit uncomfortable. So instead of reading word-for-word, people scan the information they see.

    As you surf the net, you'll notice that most Internet writers don't know that people scan when looking at information online. The writers are writing just like they would for a newspaper, are magazine.

    How does knowing this help you?

    When you write so your articles are easy to scan, you're making it easy for your reader to look over the information you've given them. So instead of clicking away from your articles, they'll start scanning.

  6. How To Write For Your Online Niche

    Use what you've learned about people "scanning" online instead of reading.


    Here are some effective online writing tips to make your article marketing scan-able.

    Write short sentences
    Write short paragraphs
    Use bolded sub-headings
    Use italics
    Use bullet points

    Always write short sentences and short paragraphs, but use bold, italics and bullet point when appropriate.

    Just like using salt

    Using the tools I've listed is like using salt. A little is good, a lot is bad. Just a sprinkle here and there and your articles will be easy to scan--and your article marketing will be much more profitable.

  7. Article Marketing

    When you use these top 7 article marketing secrets, your using PROVEN methods to help you be successful online. Most people starting out online use the "fire, aim, ready" method. They end up wasting a lot of time, making little or no money online, and become very frustrated.


    Knowing your online market, what they want, how to find them and how to give them what they want will help you build an online business that you can enjoy and profit from.

    Article marketing is simply giving your market the information they want, need, or must have; and then making money by providing what they want. You can monetize your articles by finding "affiliate programs" that sell the products your market is looking for.

    Affiliate programs are free for you to join, and you get paid a commission when you refer someone to them--and they buy something. Article marketing is passive income because you don't actually do any selling, you don't stock merchandise, you don't ship anything and you don't get involved in refunds.

    As an affiliate, you simply refer your visitor to your affiliate program's sales page. If they visitors buys something--you get a commission. Nice huh? There are thousands of affiliate programs online. Three of the best know affiliate management sites are Commission Junction, Linkshare and Shareasale.

    Get started online and you'll enjoy the power of passive income.

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