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Top 7 Tips When Buying Pest Control Products

By Lena Chietenburger

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Do-It-Yourself pest controls may be beneficial in situations where the infestation is small. In situations like these you not only can easily get rid of pests with products purchased from your local store but you can also save money. It is true that these over-the-counter pesticides have improved over time. Yet, they still may not be as efficient as the ones that the professionals use. Here are a few tips for selecting DIY pest control products:

  1. Identify the type of Insect you are targeting.

    Before you purchase any pest control products, you must first identify what type of insect you are dealing with. Then select products that specifically targets that type of insect.

  2. Identify the size of the infestation.

    If you have a large infestation, choose products that can cover large ranges. For instance, powerful spray products can be appropriate for severe infestations.

  3. Be skeptical about products that guarantee to work every time.

    Pests differ from region to region and thus may have different type of reactions to certain products. Therefore, look for products that target a specific type of infestation or an insect. Otherwise select products with a money back guarantee if it does not work.

  4. Check what type of chemicals the product contains.

    Check the pesticide ingredient to identify whether it may be safe for children and pets. Moreover, see if you or your family members are allergic to any of the chemicals in the product.

  5. Know how a specific product works.

    Be familiar with how and why a specific type of product works. In other words, be familiar with the science behind them. Does it use toxins or fragrance to repel pests? Choose a product that can scientifically prove itself as effective.

  6. Keep in mind that not all ultrasonic products work.

    Ultrasonic products do not work through walls or doors. Thus, these products should be installed in each and every room. Yet, you must acknowledge that these products do not work long-term because certain pests can become immune to them.

  7. Consult a professional.

    The best pest controlling advices can be acquired from professionals. Ask people with experiences for suggestions and recommendations.

Lena Chietenburger is an expert on Do-It-Yourself Pest Control. For more info visit


Article Submitted On: August 26, 2009