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Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Stomachache

By Raymond Lee

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Medically speaking, there is no such thing as a stomachache. That is because what we think of as a stomachache could really be any of a number of a abdomen-related pains - a dull ache, bloating, and acid pain, gas pain, or even pain related to diarrhea or constipation. As you age, your digestive system may become more particular to what it can and what it can't handle. It will probably let you know about it - often in the form of a stomachache. Here are some ways that you can adopt to soothe or prevent most stomachaches.

  1. Work Out Stress

    Tension and stress can cause plenty of stomach pain. To help relieve stress, put some regular exercise into your weekly routine. Try walking for about half an hour three days a week. When you are active, you will also find that your bowel movements become more regular, which is helpful if constipation is causing your abdominal distress.

  2. Warm Your Tummy

    Turn a heating pad on low and place it on your abdomen until the pain subsides. Warmth on the abdomen offers some comfort. If the pain continues for several hours and is new to you, it would be advisable to inform your doctor.

  3. Don't Overfill With Fiber

    Believe it or not, your stomach problem can also be caused by eating too much fiber-related foods. For some people, eating more than require fiber foods can cause gas and abdominal bloating. It is best and recommended to introduce fiber into your diet slowly and a little at a time.

  4. Loosen Up

    If you have a bloated, sore belly, make yourself comfortable by wearing some loose clothing. Loosen your belt too if you need to wear it. If you are wearing a tight shirt or pants, change all these to trousers, sweats, or pajama bottoms that have a bigger waistband, until your stomach settles down.

  5. Mindful Eating

    If you are paying attention to what you are eating in your daily life, you will not only improve your digestion but also the quality of your life. Try it yourself on a mindful meal. Paying attention to what will be satisfying and eat only when you are hungry. When you sit down to eat, be sure to eat slowly. Concentrate on eating, and taste each bite before you swallow.

  6. Take Some Time Out

    You can soothe your stomach just by resting. Put on your feet. Relax and close your eyes. Find a place in your memory that you have been to. A place of beauty, maybe a lake or a beach or in a campground. Go back to that spot in your mind. Sit on a rock. Listen to the natural sounds and breathe naturally.

  7. Consume Chamomile Tea

    This type of tea is an age-old and an effective remedy to ease a sore belly. Try to drink about two to three six-ounce cups a day, between meals. Chamomile decreases stomach activity and helps to coat the stomach as well. You can find this type of tea in most of the grocery stores. You just need to follow the instructions on the tea-bag packages. Very rarely, chamomile can cause an allergic reaction when ingested. However, people who are allergic to plants such as asters, ragweed, and chrysanthemums should drink this tea with caution.

Raymond Lee is one of the foremost experts in the health and fitness industry and is the Founder of Bodyfixes Group specializing in body health, muscle development and dieting. He is currently the author of the latest edition of "Neck Exercises and Workouts." Visit http://www.bodyfixes.com for more information.

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Article Submitted On: October 28, 2007