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Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Menstrual Pain

By Raymond Lee

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The assorted aches and pains that accompany the arrival of your period every 28 days or so are the result of a series of hormonal changes that prepare your body for pregnancy. When you donít conceive, your body discharges the unfertilized egg as well as the blood laden uterine lining called endometrium. Incidentally, it only seems as though you are bleeding gallons. The actual amount of blood lost every month averages about 2 ounces. While the menstrual cycle may be a fact of life, menstrual pain is not. Here are some tips that you can consider to adopt for fast relief.

  1. Get Aid From NSAIDs

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen neutralize pain-producing prostaglandins. If you opt for one of these over-the-counter medications, you can maximize its therapeutic benefits by taking it at the right time. NSAIDs are most helpful when you start taking them one to two days before your period, and then continue through your period.

  2. Help Yourself To Herbs

    The herbs yarrow and fenugreek can help maintain hormonal balance during your period. Both are natural sources of progesterone, the hormone that causes the uterine lining to thicken. It is recommended steeping either herb in boiling water and then drinking the tea once a day for the duration of your period. Yarrow and fenugreek are available in most health food stores.

  3. Work Out A Sweat

    Okay, so you probably donít feel like exercising just now. But give it a try, because it can do you a world of good. The reason is that exercise steps up the production of endorphins, which are your bodyís natural painkillers. If moving around hurts, try lifting weights or riding a stationary bicycle, any activity that wonít jostle you around too much. And try to exercise regularly before your period. It may help reduce your discomfort.

  4. Try To Relax

    Practicing a relaxation technique can help you manage any kind of pain. Choose imagery, medication, yoga, or just take long walks. Find something that works for you.

  5. Sample A Supplement

    Supplements of the amino acid DL phenylalanine can help ease menstrual cramps. You might find the amino acid in capsule form in health food stores, or you can ask your pharmacist if he can get it for you. Follow the directions on the bottle for proper dosage.

  6. Keep Warm

    Donít let your body get cold. Cold causes muscle contractions and spasms. Heat, on the other hand, can lessen the severity of cramping. Moist heat is best - a hot bath, a hot-water bottle, or a heating pad that circulates warm water. Whichever treatment method you choose, use it as often as necessary.

  7. Opt For Homeopathy

    The homeopathic remedy Magnesia phosphorica can help relieve menstrual cramps. It is recommended taking four 6C tablets three or four times a day, beginning a couple of days before your period and continuing until your cramps subside. You will find Magnesia phosphorica in health food stores and wherever homeopathic remedies are sold.

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Article Submitted On: December 02, 2007