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Top 7 Tips To Treat And Prevent Corns

By Raymond Lee

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Take a good look at the toes of any woman who frequently wears high heels. Chances are, you will see a corn on each little toe-painful reminders of a certain weakness for exquisite but ill-fitting shoes. Corns are made up of layers of dead skin that form on the bony parts of the foot, especially the toes. Your skin sprouts these painful bumps to protect itself from pressure. There are two varieties of corns: hard and soft. Hard corns, which are usually form on the little toe, are caused by repeated friction. Soft corns, which form between the toes, are most often caused by wearing narrow shoes that crowd the toes. Here are some tips that you can consider to adopt for pain-relief.

  1. Pass On Corn Plasters

    Avoid using corn plasters and other over-the-counter corn removers. Many of these products contain salicylic acid, which can burn or injure the tender skin under the corn if they are not applied properly. It is especially important to avoid these preparations if you have diabetes or poor circulation. That is because an acid burn may heal very slowly or even become infected and you could have reduced sensation in your toes if you have these conditions.

  2. Donít Peel Your Corns

    Never pare away a corn with a razor blade. This is especially important if you have reduced sensation because of poor circulation or diabetes. You might not feel pain very well and may not realize how much you have injured yourself.

  3. Soak, Then File

    Soak a hard corn in warm water until it is soft which usually takes about 15 minutes. Then file the corn gently with a pumice stone. Make sure that you do not file the tender skin underneath and around the corn. Afterward, slather the corn with mineral oil or moisturizer.

  4. Study Your Shoes And Socks

    See if your shoe is excessively worn or if it has a torn seam or lining. It is recommended to check your socks or stockings, too. A tear in a seam can cause friction, as can wadded-up hose.

  5. Give Soft Corns Some Space

    To ease the pain and of soft corns, separate your toes with cotton or lambís wool or use a toe separator, available in the foot-care section of any drugstore.

  6. Toss Your Stilettos

    Switch from narrow, spiked heels which can crowd the toes and cause soft corns to walking pumps, which have a wider toe box and more manageable heels. You will find plenty of comfortable, attractive walking pumps.

  7. Please Rise

    Get fitted while you are standing, not sitting down. That is because your feet spread slightly when you are standing, so you will be sure to get a larger size shoe. For the same reason, always get a shoe side that accommodates your larger foot. Most people have one larger than the other.

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Article Submitted On: January 02, 2008