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Top 7 Tips To Take Your Ezine From Blah To Bodacious

By Jen Blackert

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Some small business owners are still continuing to fail to create e-mail newsletters (or ezines) that effectively attract clients. For example, too many of you still aren't taking the time to build an online relationship with potential customers. This error causes brand-less, flat, same 'ol; ezine. Are you a victim? Do you have meaningless information, a blah brand and aren’t creating a relationship with your ezine subscribers? Do you realize how many clients you may be missing out on, by not creating an ezine subscriber relationship?

  1. Personality: How do you add “personality” to your ezine? Why not let them know what’s happening in your life or your business? The details about the last sale you made? A funny story about your office or a lesson learned. Consider including pictures of you and your staff, this makes people realize you are a real person.

  2. Personal: We like to be addressed personally. If you can add their first name to the subject line or the header of the email, subscribers will be more responsive. We all like to be called by our name. Think about the last time you were out shopping and someone yelled your name. Did you ears perk up? Did you turn around and look for the person calling your name?

  3. Curiosity: Curiosity is best used in the subject line of an email. If you know what your audience is struggling with this will be easier for you. Some of my marketing “curiosity” examples include: “The easiest way to get referrals.” “How to create raving fans,” “Stimulate word of month now,” “How to not be a ___ victim.”

  4. Excitement: Many of us marketers use the term, “WIIFM,” meaning that they are tuned into the “What’s In It For Me” radio show. Give them something that is better than “since sliced bread.” You know what it’s like when a friend that has just seen an amazing film. They can’t seem to contain themselves. Try to incorporate this feeling of excitement in your emails. Get them excited and experience your excitement with you.

  5. Urgency: Give them a reason to act now or it won’t be read. Let people know that they need to get involved now or they may miss their opportunity. You can do this by having a special event, contest or surprise bonus to the first few responders.

  6. Clarity: Have clear instructions on the actions you want your visitors to take. Whether it’s to call you, answer a question or go to your website, please make all action steps clear and concise by telling them the exact experience. For example, “Please click on the link to my website. Once you arrive, please type your first name and primary email address in the red box. You will soon receive my special report in your inbox.

  7. Consistency: People choose to read an email based on the “From” line vs “Subject” line. Be sure to have a consistent from line so you are not confusing your subscribers. If you send a special offer, please ensure that it has the same “from” line and is not discarded because they don’t recognize you.

Jen Blackert, Online Success and Marketing Coach, is a results-driven marketing strategist that teaches small business owners how to attract all the clients they need. Her methods are based on tactical online and offline marketing practices and the universal laws of attraction. Visit her website at http://www.jenblackert.com, watch her movie at [http://www.unstuckmovie.com] and her marketing podcast at [http://www.insightsintomarketing.com]

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Article Submitted On: March 19, 2007