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Top 7 Tips To Push The Button On Your "Air Conditioner"

By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

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I learned in high school physics class in my native Kenya that "AC" meant alternating current. When I came for my graduate program at University of Wyoming and bought a car, it had a button that was marked "AC". I did not dare to touch that button!

In summer, we improvised ways of keeping cool. We opened the windows, stopped regularly and used hand-held fans. On a hot summer day, a friend, while riding with my family, asked why the air conditioner was not on. "Our car has no air conditioner," I replied. She pointed at the "AC" button and pressed it. Life changed! Relief had been at our fingertips all the time!

Millions of talents and gifts come and go from this world packaged within people who never used them. Yet, when you use a hidden talent, you significantly enrich your life and the lives of others. Do you have a personal or professional air conditioner that you are not using?

Here are 7 top tips of what is stopping you from pushing the button.

  1. Loyalty to the past. If I had not learned that "AC" meant alternating current, I probably would have tried to find out what that button was used for. Past experience, especially failure, may be a hindrance to progress.

  2. Loyalty to others. Fear of appearing stupid has caused thousands of personal and professional buttons to remain unpressed. Successful artists present the world as they see it themselves, not what they think others see.

  3. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the unknown is worse than fear of certain pain. That's what has kept people in jobs they hate, abusive associations, destructive habits and spiritual stagnation. Remember, the ship is safe at the harbor, but that is not what it's made for.

  4. Self-devaluation. Focusing on what you think you do not have instead of what you have. If you will take a minute and list the resources you have for the life you envision, you will be surprised to discover that you already have a resource that can get you started in any venture.

  5. Wrong associates. My mother used to tell me, "Friends are like clothes. Not all sizes fit." Are your associates stepping stones, cheer leaders or just stumbling blocks?

  6. Ignoring the greatest resources you have. Believing that you are powerful beyond measure and then acting on your belief.

  7. Looking for success "out there." Spiritual or professional successes are only found by doing the right thing, a close relationship with God and use of common sense.

Today's Top7Business Article Was Submitted By Vincent Muli Wa Kituku, a native of Kenya, Author, Columnist, University Professor, Motivational Speaker/Storyteller and Seminar Leader. Founder and Principal Consultant of Kituku & Associates, Boise, ID. 83707, (208) 939-7216 e-mail

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Article Submitted On: September 22, 1999